Ten sleek co-working spaces that provide an escape from home working

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As the world emerged from the coronavirus blockade and many began returning to offices and shared workplaces, they rounded up 10 coworking spaces for the latest lookbooks.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small start-up, or a large company, coworking offices are a convenient and flexible solution for anyone looking to work in a collaborative environment.

These 10 coworking sites combine domestic features such as cozy armchairs and sofas with a sophisticated work area with a modern desk, dedicated partitions and well-equipped facilities.

Coworking spaces also provide employees with networking opportunities, socializing, dining and even exercising.

This is the latest in a series of lookbooks that provide visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archives. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks that showcase bedrooms with smart storage solutions, vaulted dwellings, and quiet holiday home interiors.

Photo by Nikolas Koenig

NeueHouse Bradbury, USA, Design Agency

The Canadian studio Design Agency has added “graceful prosperity” to the Neue House coworking locations (top and top) in downtown Los Angeles, including linen curtains, soft furniture and rosy stools.

While many of the building’s existing elements, such as brick fireplaces and large oak frame windows, were preserved, the studio had Versailles parquet floors to give the workspace a more contemporary look. Added.

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Fosbury & SonsBoitsfort office designed by Going East
Photo by Jeroen Verrecht

Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort, Belgium, Going East

Belgian interior design studio Going East created this space for coworking provider Fosbury & Sons, inspired by the modernist style of the original building.

Designed to look more like a home than an office, Brussels’ 7,000-square-meter workplace has comfortable leather seats, a marble table, and a statement chandelier hung on a central staircase.

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Wing Dumbo
Image courtesy of The Wing

Wing Brooklyn, USA, Chiara De Rege

This cozy space in the Dumbo area of ​​New York is the third site created by the women’s coworking club The Wing and designed by Chiara DeRege.

De Rege has designed a social area that feels like a living room, with a variety of chairs and sofas that contrast in pastel and bold tones. The walls of the office space were colored in the company’s “wing pink” color, and pale oak floors were used to add warmth.

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Fosbury & Sons Amsterdam designed by Going East
Photo by Francisco Noguiera

Fosbury & Sons Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Going East

Designed by the Belgian studio Going East, this Fosbury & Sons coworking space is located in a remodeled 19th-century hospital overlooking the Princenglacht Canal in Amsterdam.

The studio aims to create a luxurious atmosphere throughout the space, and one of the building’s operating rooms has been transformed into a dramatic conference room with a marble table surrounded by inflated tan chairs. ..

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Valencia's Cabinette coworking space designed by Masquespacio
The photo is Luis Bertrand

Cabinette, Spain, by Masquespacio

Designed by Valencia’s Spanish studio Masquespacio, this whimsical coworking office uses retro furniture and pastel colours to create a Wes Anderson-like atmosphere.

For the creative millennials, Cabinette has quirky elements such as silver curtains and chintz stools. The studio used light blue throughout the various office areas to add a sense of unity.

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Office group blue and brown interior
Photos courtesy of Office Group

Douglas House, UK, Note Design Studio

The Stockholm-based company’s Note Design Studio contrasts bright furniture, including ocher-like neutrals with royal blue armchairs, to create an exhilarating space for the Douglas House coworking member club. ..

The six-floor Douglas House by the Office Group has a space for 700 people to work with, along with a chill-out room full of plants, a gym, a cafe, and a special room for breastfeeding mothers.

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Replica House Studio by Sirman Weston
Photo by Wai Ming Ng

Replica House Studios, UK, Weston, Sirman & Dean

British studio Weston, Surman & Deane has transformed a Victorian church in northern London into a bright and colorful open-plan workspace that doubles as an architectural studio office.

To see the original use of the church, the studio has added stained glass diamond-patterned panes in soothing green, blue, orange and red colors on the main stairs and between the gable roof beams. did.

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Green sofa in front of the plant wall
The photo is Mariel Lind Hansen

Irish Urban HQ by Kingston Lafferty Design

Interior Studio Kingston Lafferty Design aimed to create a warm and cozy interior for this 8-story coworking office in Dublin.

The studio uses pallets of attractive materials such as stone, leather, slat, velvet and brass to create a homely atmosphere, and each floor is designed to have a unique atmosphere.

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Yves Béhar's canopy
The photo is Joe Fletcher

Canopy Jackson Square, USA, Yves Béhar, Amir Morta Zabi, Steve Mosnake

Located in the downtown area of ​​San Francisco, Canopy Jackson Square is a shared workspace created by designers Yves Béhar, Amir Morta Zabi, and Steve Mosnake.

Dark green color palettes and black flooring create a decadent atmosphere in private rooms, while public spaces are adorned with bright green and pink tones.

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Pangea desks and seats collaborated by Snøhetta for Digital Garage
Photo by Nacasa & Partners

Digital Garage by Snohetta, Japan

A long cedar tree ribbon forms the desk surface and bench in this coworking space in Tokyo, created by architectural firm Snohetta for a Japanese technology company.

On the desk, the studio has added 534 pendant lights that create a dazzling pattern when switched on. Chairs and stools in the same dark tones on the floor make up the rest of the furniture in the stripped space.

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This is the latest in a series of lookbooks that provide visual inspiration selected from Dezeen’s image archives. For more inspiration, see our previous lookbook, which introduces the courtyard, kitchen expansion, and interior-centric homes by Ukrainian designers.

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