The 11 Best Noguchi and Japanese-Style Rice Paper Lamps

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I don’t think you know Isamu Noguchi’s lamps. For design lovers, the late Japanese artist Lamp is just one example of his many contributions to modernism, including the towering amorphous. Rock and stone sculptureAnd honing Sculptural philosophy for his use.. But even if you’ve never heard of Noguchi, if you’ve stepped into IKEA and brought a rice paper lamp home, you’ll almost certainly see his cultural influence. ..

It does not mean that Noguchi invented the lantern, which is a staple of Japanese culture. Since the 11th centuryBut he gave them a 20th century twist. “In 1951 [he] I visited the town of Gifu, which is known for manufacturing lanterns. ” I will explain about the Isamu Noguchi Museum“[and] Designed the first lamp made by the traditional Gifu method. Only he transformed the shape of the lamp to give it an airy, almost sensible presence. They had a heavy set bottom, bulbous growth, and a twisted frame.He called them light, A term that means both lighting and weightlessness. “Akari has that rationale in her relationship with people,” he said. Said.. “Early it was said that the only young couple needed to start living together was a” futon “and the light above. Not only the pads and lights, that is, the lights, but also the lights have a shape and presence. ”

Fast-forwarding today has re-emerged the popularity of Akari lamps, alongside other Pinterest-enabled wavy aesthetics like Memphis Group Design. Ultra Fragora Mirror, Togo sofaAnd others Blob core piece..Remember Troye Sivan’s dreamy thing Architectural digest Home video tour?? In the words of a pop singer who clearly understood the secret to the success of these lamps, it was full of acaris to give off a “soup of light”. These are the equivalent design to give the room one of the soft glowing Instagram filters that looks like a sexy, poreless marshmallow.

Alas, Akaris isn’t cheap. Bringing a lamp back from the Isamu Noguchi Museum gift shop can cost hundreds of dollars or more. 1stDibs When Chair It can cost thousands of dollars.

Isamu Noguchi

1980s light lamp

We love design in hermitages with only 1.5 friends (dove nesting on the emergency stairs), always deep into the internet all over the world, and the best deals on Noguchi lamps. Information can be found. Their Japanese style doppelganger.

When searching for Noguchi-style lamps online, use search terms such as “lanterns,” “bamboo lamps,” “wabisabi,” and “Japanese-style lamps.”And make a habit of peeping sites that love Japandi Design Aesthetics like that Mujirushi Ryohin, Hey, West Elm, WayfairWhen Cost Plus World Market.. You can also find amazing amounts of genuine, affordable Noguchi lamps on Amazon, but they sell out quickly:

Whether you’re trying to zhuzh a home with a slightly minimalist and mid-century design, or tired of reading lights like the IV Pole, the world of Noguchi-style lamps is sure to be your home, and your life. Let’s throw in a more magical light. Here are some of your favorite affordable dupes, from hanging pendants to oversized floor lamps.

The best Noguchi table lamp dupe

Etsy It’s one of the best places to find both real Akari and look-alikes. Not only can nightstand-sized lanterns be taken home, but some XL boys look chic on the floor of the living room.

Lighting forest

Japanese style lantern

Aesthetics of Odette

Oversized Japanese lanterns

Again, don’t forget to take a look at Amazon’s selection of rice paper lamps for side tables and nightstands. “The light bulb illuminates the lamp very well,” said the long boy’s customer. “It’s not overly bright, but it’s on the white side of a warm shade.”

The best Noguchi hanging lamp dupe

Noguchi’s pendant lights range from bulbous lanterns of various sizes to malformed discs and twisted designs. Amazon has both a cocoon-like lamp that looks gorgeous on any dining table and a globe pendant that you can buy for less than $ 50.

Fun shopping

Round lantern chandelier

West Elm’s “Cirrus” pendants are a bit expensive, and it looks like aliens are trying to crawl out of their center in a chic way.

West Elm

Cirrus pendant lamp

The best Noguchi floor lamp dupe

A Tachinoguchi floor lamp You can buy it for over $ 4,000, but the good old design elders Wayfair, AmazonWhen Cost Plus World Market It gave us a column-like floor lamp that could be used in any room. “It’s a great ambient light and doesn’t require a dimmer,” writes a happy reviewer from one of Wayfair’s best-selling Ebern Design lamps.

Eburn Design

Fontanet column floor lamp

If you need something a little more structured, CPWM paper floor lamps have a more tubular construction and a solid rattan base.

Cost Plus World Market

Natural paper rattan and wood 2 light floor lamps

If you are constantly craving for more storage (same), From this Japanese-style floor lamp Last month’s editor’s recommendations A stylish and sneaky way to emphasize your tchotchkes under the warm glow of a reading light.


Avery floor lamp with shelves and LED lighting

look? You will feel more relaxed.

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