The 8 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks in 2022


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Even if you’re a self-proclaimed morning person, it’s unlikely that you like to wake up to the ringing alarm clock. Whether it’s easy to wake up or sleep like a dead person, the sunrise alarm clock is the beginning of a calm and peaceful day and helps you refresh your mood after a good night’s sleep. Unlike traditional alarms that are awake, these use a gradual increase in light to gently awaken you from sleep.

If light alone doesn’t seem to work, many of the alarm clocks at sunrise have lots of natural sounds such as bird chirping and ocean waves, not only falling asleep at night, but waking up in the morning. I can. Many sunrise alarm clocks have similar features, but we have narrowed down our favorite features to help you choose the one that suits you best.

How to choose a sunrise alarm clock

Most sunrise alarm clocks work the same, but there are some important features that differ between models. They can all be dark and bright, but some have multiple color options, while others have only yellow and / or white light options. This isn’t essential for its main function, but other color options are great for setting up a relaxed mood before bedtime.

Many sunrise alarm clocks can wake you up with a typical alarm clock, while other alarm clocks feature natural sounds, white noise, or guided meditation. Finally, there are models that can be controlled by apps and voice controls, so if you’re looking for ease of use, choose one.

How to choose

We researched the most popular models available to find the best option among the many sunrise alarm clocks on the market.We have seen reviews tested by experts from trusted sources such as: Wire cutter When CNET.. Next, we considered price, light controls, light colors, alarm sounds, and additional features. Finally, I looked up over 75,000 reviews written by people who bought these models on sites like Amazon and settled on these eight.

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Overall the best

SmartSleep Wake Up Light

Main Specifications

  • Light color: white
  • sound: 5, plus FM radio
  • Number of alarms: 2

This may be one of the most expensive watches on the list, but it’s also one of the best. Color grading is very natural and makes you feel like the sun is actually rising even during daylight savings time.

In addition to five natural wake-up sounds, it has an FM radio, an auto-dimming display, and a tap-enabled snooze button. The lights are highly customizable and are bright enough to function as a reading light at night.

  • Very natural light
  • Multiple wake-up sounds
  • expensive
  • No multicolor option


Best color options

Sunrise alarm clock

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: 7, plus AM / FM radio
  • Number of alarms: 1

If you are looking for a more enjoyable atmosphere, this watch can definitely set your mood. It has natural color options for your daily awakening, but it also has a total of 8 different bright colors that are perfect for use during the day. There are also relaxing sounds like birds, lullabies, ocean waves and FM radio for those who sleep deeply.

  • Lots of color options
  • cheap
  • Design does not fit all aesthetics


Customer favorites

Wake up light sunrise alarm clock

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: 7
  • Number of alarms: 2

If you don’t want to spend $ 100 on a Philips watch, this is pretty similar, but $ 60 cheaper. There are 7 different color options and 7 relaxing sounds.

At the beginning and end of the day, you have both sunrise and sunset options, and you can manually adjust the brightness to your needs, such as acting as a reading light. It can also be used to set up to 2 alarms and has 20 levels of adjustable brightness.

  • Multiple sound options
  • 20 brightness settings


Best premium option

Hatch restoration

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: A library of sounds, stories and meditations through the app
  • Number of alarms: all you want

Hatch Restoration is one of the best sunrise alarm clocks on the market. Not only do you have plenty of color and light options, but you also have an extensive sound library, meditation, and even bedtime stories.

You can control everything from alarm clock to sound and light settings within the app, and you can set your personalized sunrise color to wake up every morning. This model also has a soft and gentle light that is perfect for creating a relaxing environment in the morning or evening.

  • Great library of light and sound
  • Easy app control


Best large light

Touch to wake up the night light with the sunrise simulation alarm clock

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: 7
  • Number of alarms: 1

If you need as much light as possible, this watch may be the best choice. Not only is it larger than the other options, but it also provides 360 degree light with 5 different colors or options to change the color.

You can also set the room to start lighting 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes before the actual alarm sounds. The touch control on the top is easy to use and the plastic is child safe, making it ideal for children’s rooms.

  • Lots of light and color options
  • user friendly


Great for kids

Sun & Moonrise Kids Alarm Clock

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: 17 17
  • Number of alarms: 2

This watch is specially designed for children to use. In the morning, the sun is displayed when you wake up, and in the evening, the moon is displayed when you sleep. You can also set it to display a green light when it’s time for your child to get out of bed.

Put them to sleep with 10 bright color choices and 17 sounds. All of these can be left on for 5 to 120 minutes. You can also set any combination of lights and alarms to wake up in the morning.

  • Easy for children to use
  • Lots of color and dual color options


Minimalist design

Echo glow

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: Multiple music and alarm choices
  • Number of alarms: Many

This device is touted for kids, but we won’t blame you if you want it yourself. It’s a very sophisticated design that works well in any style of room, and because it’s an Amazon device, you can control your voice with a compatible Echo device.

It’s not sold as an alarm clock, but when combined with an Alexa-enabled device, it acts as an alarm clock and can be set to slowly brighten or sound an alarm.

  • Simple and stylish design
  • Lots of colors
  • Must be paired with an Echo device


Tree accent

Sunrise alarm clock Gentle Wake Upright

Main Specifications

  • Light: White and multicolor
  • sound: 7
  • Number of alarms: 1 weekday alarm, 1 weekend alarm

This alarm clock encourages a gentle alarm schedule, and its simple shape and wooden accents suit a variety of decorative styles. Choose from 20 brightness levels, 9 different color options, and 7 sleep sounds.

The entire clock is controlled by the buttons on the top. This may make it easier for the user to program than a model that relies on a touch screen. There are also two alarms that can be set for weekdays, weekends, or all 7 days.

  • Easy control
  • Good color options
  • More expensive than some similar models

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