The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 19 – Goat Soup At The Lakers Game & NFT Worlds


Tonight at the Andy Milonakis NFT Show: On the surface, everything is quiet on the land of goat soup. Internally, Milonakis works crazy to bring practicality to his NFT collection. Prices may be flat, but Andy took a goat soup holder to the Lakers game. In addition, he is actively working on hip-hop albums and talking to the biggest Metaverse brands out there.

Let’s start with music.of Last number in this column, Announced Andy’s plan to record an entire NFT-themed hip-hop album and give it to anyone who has goat soup. This is the Proof of Work, probably the whole verse from the first single.

And this is the song hook:

Also, in the goat soup discord, the community should make the first hip-hop song exclusive to the owner, or “should it be sold to non-goat people to get more attention?” I posted a survey that I asked the community. Apparently, everyone voted to make it exclusive. We will continue to post you.

He also hosted a single cover art contest. The featured image in this post is the winning work.

What else is prepared for the world of goat soup? Fortunately, Andy put it together in the next promotional tweet. “In discussions with the Series 2 sandbox, we’ll be integrated into a free hip-hop song mint, IRL party, and Webb Land, and we’ll be working on creating an NFT world for goat soup.”

Andy also presented a free goat soup to a pseudonym Twitter user who fought for the NFT collection.

And that little generosity is the perfect Segway for …

How Milonakis Wins 10 Los Angeles-Based Goat Soup Holders for the Lakers Match

It was all a dream … through both Discord and Twitter Andy hosted an LA-based contest.. “I got a Lakers vs. Clippers suite in Los Angeles. I’ll bring 10 goat soup holders. I made a small video showing that I live in LA, click on the ocean profile, and click on the goat. Show that you own the soup. “Things moved quickly from there.

A few days later, Milonakis took the lucky 10 to this private box suite at the former Staples Center. Befitting it, it’s now named Arena.

That’s what we call “utilities” in NFT games. The Goat Soup NFT collection goes far beyond the static .jpegs stored in the chain. And these owners can explain it to you in German:

In discord, Andy promised to do the same in other parts of the United States. Let’s see what he came up with.

Goat soup at NFT World

I haven’t shown anything yet, but this may be the biggest goat soup announcement for some time. Milonakis promised: “The creation of the goat soup world begins today. It’s a mini-game within a custom-designed NFT world for all goat soup owners to play and eventually earn WRLD. Includes play to win. “

Our guy is buying virtual land and developing real estate for the owner of goat soup. How can I find out that he is investing his money in this?Andy Recently tweeted“On the Damn NFT Worlds 9 ETH floor, less than 400 out of 10K is available. Thanks to the Lord who saw Poppin. I copied another Poppin at 5 o’clock. The world of goat soup is made. I can’t wait. “

Other Milonakis NFT News

Milonakis is a businessman in itself and is involved in other NFT projects. Very successful ones, may be added. He recorded VoiceVerse’s “Voice / Dialog Page” and his series sold out in 10 minutes.

Andy also did some voicework for his frequent collaborator, the Bright Moments Gallery. Check out this Crypto Citizens mini sword. It contains a complete song inspired by NFT.

Last but not least, Andy finally met Gary Vee physically.

A hard-working internet citizen, Gary Vee frequently attends the Andy Milonakis NFT Show as a guest.This is His first appearanceWhen This is the second..

ETH price chart for 02/26/2022 on Bitstamp | Source: ETH/USD on

Real world goat soup

Andy Milonakis NFT Show Previous version, Introduced the first example of goat soup fan art that invaded the real world. The phenomenon is about to start an overdrive. Check out this 3D printed model:

And these gorgeous paper stickers:

Fan art is also popular in the digital world. Check out these “Reinterpretations of Doodle”.

Andy Milonakis Fan Art

There is only one goat juice, but keep in mind that our man is a celebrity. He also has fan art, so he has to show it. Check out this sushi-inspired piece:

This Andy Milonakis, steampunk variation:

And this Andy-inspired Bubble Gum Kid:

This concludes today’s edition of this NFT show. Expect fireworks soon. The world of goat soup is getting hot.

Featured Image: Goat Soup's hip hop single's cover art | Charts by TradingView


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