The Best Deals From Wayfair’s 72-Hour Clearance Sale


Stupid hot deals on all of our favorites.

“New Year, new apartment” is what I said around this time last year. Unfortunately, we’re still sitting in the same old windowless living room as a railroad-style shoebox. I don’t know if it’s bright or dark. Thankfully, you don’t have to move to bring a new life to your old living space. Wayfair I currently have a flash 72 hours clearance sale With savings Up to 60% off For household items, Kitchen essentials, Area rug, Wall art, Living room seat, Lit, more.

Whether you are looking to copy a new Dutch oven for your closing Cast iron weapon, You are interested in some dope new lamps to illuminate your life, or you finally threw Spider-Man sheets and bought yourself some adult bedding, you We are receiving some big price cuts and discounts. But let’s hurry and go there. The sale ends on January 19th.

Significant savings in lodge cast iron

Invest in Great cast iron will change your life, And the lodge makes some of the best cast iron cookware you can own, including stews, breweries, briskets, and this enamel-coated Dutch oven that you can use to make whatever your heart wants. .. In addition, enamel is easier to clean than regular cast iron.and 30% off right now.


Enamel cast iron Dutch oven

Replace the ugly lights in the kitchen

It’s time to replace the landlord special lights in the galley kitchen.This beautiful chrome pendant light 65% off Original price. It will reflect on your fruit bowl and look great.

Hashtag home

Drakeford Single Dome Pendant Light

First-class bedding

Did last year’s sheets shred on the soles of your perfect little werewolf? I’m not sweating.This set is 78% off It also has a 4.5-star rating from Wayfair’s more than 23,000 reviews, praising its softness and the fact that people don’t sweat at night. “I don’t know about the 20,000 thread count,” wrote one customer. “But these sheets are heaven!”

Wade Logan

Tetbury 20,000 thread count sheet set

Very Japandi armchair

A perfect blend of mid-century and Scandinavian design, Japandi interior It has ~ moments ~ for a cozy but breathable Over $ 60 On the side of a nice looking tree and linen armchair Your Noguchi-like lamp..

Mercury Row

Heberling wide linen armchair

It’s time for a handsome laundry obstacle

Are you still using an IKEA bag, or any other type of amorphous bag pushed into your closet?Upgrade with a real failure — this is 31% off.

Williston Forge

Modern cabinet laundry hamper

The perfect TV stand for your record player

Put all your media goods in one place.This walnut-finished mid-century style media stand 41% off.. It includes adjustable shelves (and soundbar shelves) and has a load capacity of 200 pounds. This is perfect for vintage tube TVs where you can’t stop talking to all your friends.

Wade Logan

Ducket TV stand

This Sealy mattress is 59% off

As we all learned Robocop, Getting a new spine is not fun. Fortunately, Wayfair has this Sealy Memory Foam Mattress —And boys, do we like memory foam— Now on sale. It has a 4.7 star rating from over 3,000 reviews praising its ability to help you sleep like a spoiled little cherub. “I love this mattress!” Write one reviewer. “Very comfortable. Almost instantly expanded to the correct size.”


Medium memory foam mattress in the box

Head to Wayfair For more theft and trading. Happy zhuzhing!

The Rec Room staff have chosen everything that is featured in this story on their own.


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