The best fake plants for decoration


Lindsey M Roberts

The Washington Post-The fake houseplant was, well, a fake houseplant. Minneapolis interior designer Jennifer Davis recently built a house for a woman who was trained in interior design 60 years ago. She said, “If she uses a fake plant, her professor will roll to her grave.” In her time, herbs were strictly no no. Probably because they looked like fake.

It’s no longer the case. Today’s artificial foliage plants look closer to the original foliage plants than those that designers of old plastic foliage plants disliked. “In the last decade or so, quality has improved significantly,” said Leia Ward of LTW Design, a staging company in New Canaan, Connecticut, who has recently found it difficult to distinguish between man-made and real. rice field.

As living plants have become more common in the last few years, some people either can’t keep them alive or some of their homes have enough light. I’m aware I don’t have it. “The younger generation is really busy, focusing on things for kids and focusing on their careers,” Davis said. “They may not have the attention to focus on the living plants every day.”

Enter a fake that is becoming more popular with real plants. In response to this demand, in 2019, Sill launched a fake plant line, even in the New York-based online plant delivery business. When Hilton Carter, a Baltimore-based plant and interior stylist, made a target plant line this year, he included a fake option. “Fake helps individuals increase their space when trying to pull in as much green as possible,” Carter said.

When looking for plants, Davis recommended studying the actual version of any replica you are thinking of. “Make sure you know what it looks like,” she said, “because the stem or tree trunk can give it.” Especially the color of the original plant. please look. “Most plants aren’t plain,” Davis explained, pointing out that cheaper versions of counterfeit flowers may have that plain plastic look.

Top and bottom: CB2 fake pot succulents. Placement of artificial branch plants from the target.Photo: The Washington Post

According to Davis, high-quality herbs are worth the investment to get the most realistic version, but discerning eyes can even be found in cheaper large stores.

Wherever you shop, look for changes in leaf color and shape. (Carter pointed out that his herbs had some new flowers and leaves).

Fake foliage plants often come in “pretty sad” pots, so look for something unique. Check the height of the plant in the new pot and support it if necessary. Placing the preserved moss around the roots of the plant, the chief editor of Sylerin Marino said it would give it life and replace the moss if it was too dusty.

If there were wire stems, Davis suggested bending them to make the branches look like they were aiming for light.

Decorate with a mix

If possible, use both real and fake plants in your home. Choose it in areas where you can support living plants. But in dark areas, don’t be afraid to be fake.

Also, change the type of artificial flowers you select. “It’s always important to combine sizes, colors, shapes and types just to create such an outdoor look,” Carter said.

“I don’t look out or see the same kind of plants, trees, shrubs … when I mix them, I can feel more tropical or more desert … lushness is what I want. It is. “

Care for fake houseplants

It’s easy to clean, but herbs aren’t necessarily maintenance-free. Marino recommends dusting the leaves from time to time to make them look real. “You can use paper towels, flapping wings, and even a hair dryer lower,” she said.

Avoid bright direct sunlight and avoid humid places. Marino advised that both could discolor the plant faster. If it gets dirty, try spot cleaning it with a cloth and warm soapy water.

Forget to worry about watering, lack of watering, looking for the sun, and nasty insects. “Artificial flowers make life a little easier,” Ward said.

“It’s okay to have fake plants in your house,” Carter reassured. “Always push these living plants into the corners of your home and then don’t feel the pressure to let them die on you.”


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