The Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps for 2022


I have to admit that I like to use big screens when it comes to using photo editing software. However, there are times when you want to clean up your photos while you’re on the go. Others don’t bother to power on large hardware just to create compelling Instagram posts. You may be surprised at how much you can do with photos in the mobile app. Even advanced features such as masking, tone curve adjustment, overlays, scratch repair, HSL color correction, and gradients are no longer the only area of ​​the desktop photography program.

In this summary, we’ll use the Android and iPhone apps for full standard photo editing. Some add tools for organizing, cloud storage, and even your own social photo space. It does not include a gimmick one-trick app that only beautifies faces and creates collages. Feel free to consider the apps listed here that we think are wrong or need to be added in the comments section at the bottom.

Lightroom Mobile is a great photo app, even if you’re not using the desktop version of Lightroom, Adobe’s category-leading photo workflow software. The mobile app provides a camera feature that allows you to shoot in RAW format on your iPhone, in addition to detailed post-shot editing. Android can do that with a native camera. This gives you more room to correct exposure and white balance. The side of your image. You can also shoot with black and white filters enabled. Free users have access to the appropriate editing tools and filters, and paid users have access to cloud storage for photos, masking, repairs, recommended presets and much more. This app is full of help and tips for creating amazing photos. Lightroom Mobile also allows you to send your work to a community of photographers who may try to edit your photos. You can subscribe to the mobile-only app for $ 4.99 per month or use the limited feature set for free. Get the most out of your app with the standard Lightroom or Photo Creative Cloud plan ($ 9.99 / month).

price: Free; $ 4.99 / month for full-featured set and cloud storage

platform: Android, iOS, web

Adobe Lightroom Mobile (for iPhone) Review

Another Adobe winner is this simplified version of the company’s flagship Photoshop application. Like Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop Express is a freemium contract, but paid plans are cheaper than Lightroom and cost $ 2.99 per month or $ 34.99 per year. Like related desktop applications, Photoshop Express is typically used more for collages, scratch removal, text overlays, masks, and compositing than for photo modification and enhancement. However, all of these tools are available in the app. Like Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed, Photoshop Express supports raw camera files. A rich selection of filters completes the feature set.

price: Free; $ 2.99 / month or $ 34.99 / year for full-featured set

platform: Android, iOS, web

Adobe Photoshop Express Review

This impressive, powerful and tool-rich iPhone app is still easy to use. The free version of Afterlight offers many basic editing features such as exposure, contrast, cropping, and saturation, but many of the best tools are only available in the paid version. It costs $ 2.99 per month, $ 17.99 per year, or $ 35.99 forever. Paid perks include advanced filters for tone curve editing, gradients, material and text overlays, sharpness, hue, saturation, and lightness (HSL). Note that the Android version is free, but lacks most of Afterlight’s unique features.

price: Free; Full-featured set subscription: $ 2.99 per month, $ 17.99 per year, or $ 35.99 perpetual

platform: Android (limited function set), iOS

Afterlight (for iPhone) Review

The Apples Photos app is only available on Apple devices. Pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers (desktop version is a bit advanced). With the mobile version of Apple Photos, you can make particularly cool edits with photos taken with your iPhone or iPad, such as long exposures and balance effects for live photos. If you have a new iPhone Pro, you can shoot with Apple’s Pro Raw. This is a format that combines the benefits of the raw camera format with the magic of Apple’s computational photography. This allows for more editing, such as lifting shadows, changing white balance, and more. The app’s interface is as sophisticated as you would expect from other Apple products, with all the standard exposure and color adjustments you need.

price: Included with Apple devices

platform: iOS

Apple Photo Review

Google Photos is a service that is advertised as being able to store photos in the cloud, but mobile apps can also take advantage of both traditional and innovative photo editing tools. Sign up for your company’s Google One subscription storage pricing and get more features in Google Photos than free users, including particularly effective filters such as Dynamic, HDR, Luminous, Radiant, and Airy. Free users will continue to have access to the full set of editing tools for adjusting exposure, contrast, cropping, and adding text and drawing overlays. If that’s not enough, you can send the image to another photo app, such as PicsArt (if installed), in one menu. However, keep in mind that the Google Photos mobile app does not support editing RAW camera files.

price: Included in your Google account.Extension tools added in the storage upgrade

platform: Android, iOS, web

Google Photos Review

Polish, the maker of the great InShot video mobile editor, is a freemium app with impressive photo editing chops. In addition to Photoshop-like editing tools such as masking, there are Prisma-type options such as the ability to convert photos with AI-powered art style transfers. You can do a lot for free, but the most dazzling effects and tools cost $ 7.99 a year for continuous feature updates or $ 14.99 for a single purchase. increase. Both paid versions remove rich ads and provide current functionality.

price: Free; One-time fee for premium version $ 14.99 or $ 7.99 per year

platform: Android, iOS

Piscsart has long established itself as a photo app that does everything. There are seemingly endless editing and extension tools, but it also includes the social elements of photo sharing. Members can participate in challenges and follow hashtags and creators. You can instantly remove the background from your portrait and replace it with something you like, such as a texture. Unfortunately, to do most of the fun, you’ll need a paid account starting at $ 8.99 per month, but with an annual commitment it drops to $ 4.66.

price: Free; $ 8.99 / month or $ 55.99 / year for full-featured set

platform: Android, iOS, web

PicsArt Photo Studio (for Android) Review

Pixlr has been participating in free photo app games for many years since it was launched in 2008. It is also well known as a free web-based photo editor. Strengths include Canva-style templates, colorful overlays, and the right choice of collage layout. All standard photo adjustment tools are also available. With a reasonable annual fee of $ 7.99, your ads will be removed and you’ll have access to more effects and templates.

price: Free; $ 7.99 / year for full-featured set

platform: Android, iOS, web

Like Lightroom and PicsArt, Polarr aims to provide a community of photo editors and tools for editing and decorating photos. It is available via all major desktop and mobile platforms and the web. It offers a wealth of gradients, overlays, retouching and conversion tools in addition to standard brightness, contrasts, shadows and more. In addition to editing tone curves, support for LUTs and RAW camera files is also available. The trimming tool is powerful, but there is no automatic leveling. One notable innovation is the ability of apps to share or consume presets via QR codes. With a paid subscription, you’ll get new content and styles every week, as well as the company’s video filtering app, 24FPS.

price: Free; $ 3.99 / month or $ 19.99 / year for full-featured set

platform: Android, iOS, web

One of the first innovators of mobile photo editing apps, Snapseed became part of Google’s portfolio in 2012. The app uses a unique interface where you can swipe your finger left or right to make adjustments, or swipe up or down to select adjustments. Remake. You can edit raw camera files (but only in DNG format) and JPGs. Editing tools include repair brushes, structure (sharpness), HDR, and perspectives. One of the big advantages is that the app is completely free and there is no upsell.

price: free

platform: Android, iOS

VSCO is a longtime manufacturer of professional filters for professional photographers, but this app has all the standard correction and editing features as well as filtering. In addition, like the other apps here, it provides a community of photographers. This app, known as the VSCO Girl Movement, experienced a notorious moment a few years ago. The interface is modern and clear, but editing within it seems to lag behind the social aspects of sharing. However, it supports RAW camera files and provides advanced tools such as split tones and HSL editing. However, there are quite a few tools behind the premium paywall.

price: Free; $ 19.99 / year premium

platform: Android, iOS

VSCO Review


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