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Southeastern San Diego on November 4, 2021. / Photo: Adriana Heldiz

The Voice of San Diego is known for its groundbreaking research that makes local leaders and institutions accountable. Our reporters have spent countless hours analyzing complex issues to let readers know how specific policies and decisions affect them.

It’s not an easy task, and sometimes it requires more than a written task. That’s where the photos come in.

In 2021, VOSD photojournalist recorded events and moments that showed how these complex issues could affect San Diego’s population.

Here are some of our best jobs.

Trump Supporter San Diego

Hundreds of people on the same day storm upon US Capitol in Washington, DC, Local Trump supporters Protested the 2020 Presidential election result and the San Diego Downtown county management center. Photo by Adriana Heldis

Vaccine Homeless San Diego

When San Diego County began receiving COVID-19 vaccine shipments, healthcare workers and vulnerable residents were placed at the forefront of the line to receive their shots.Homeless residents staying in temporary shelters at convention centers, like Rude Rowe in the photo above, received their first vaccine. In February.. 3.. Photo by Adriana Heldis

Homeless San Diego Accident

In March, VOSD’s Lisa Halberstadt checked in to Mayor Todd Gloria’s plans to address the increased homeless tent camps in downtown San Diego.

next, A terrible crash happened On March 15, a driver broke into a homeless camp under a bridge next to San Diego City College, killing three and injuring six. The tragedy put the problem in sight. Photo by Adriana Heldiz

San Diego Unified COVID

Unified School District of San Diego has reopened classrooms for students with families I chose to return to face-to-face instruction o on April 12..The photo above is a third grader of Encant Elementary Video in class. Photo by Adriana Heldis

Tara Buesig, Managing Director of the Harm Reduction Union in San Diego County, uses fentanyl test strips.
Tara Buesig, Managing Director of the Harm Reduction Union in San Diego County, uses fentanyl test strips. / Photo courtesy of Megan Wood

Fatal drug overdose, especially those containing fentanyl Opioids are increasingly flowing down the streets of San Diego It is mixed with other drugs including methamphetamine. The San Diego homeless community is particularly vulnerable.

On May 10, VOSD Megan Wood handed out fentanyl drug test strips at Point Loma, following Tara Buesig, executive director of the Harm Reduction Alliance in San Diego County. Photo by Meganwood

CSU San Marcos

After the discovery by former VOSD reporter Kayla Jiminez sexual harassment Allegations Against CSU San Marcos Professor Chetan Kumar, student Protested University decision not to dismiss he upon June 12.. Photo by Adriana Heldis

Coronado High School

After a tortilla throwing incident during a Coronado High School men’s basketball game in June Former Coronado student screamed About how they were abused by the district.

ImaniWare and Irlanda Goulding in the photo above were both on the soccer team and faced or witnessed racism while attending Coronado High School. Photo by Adriana Heldiz

Homeless Sweep San Diego

San Diego police officer Nick Medina warned a man he said he was weight-threatening while sweeping homeless camps along 17th Street on August 18, 2021. .. Photo by Adriana Heldis

Lydia Davaros will wipe out near her home in Coloniane Baesperanza, Tijuana, on September 15, 2021.

Carlos A, a contributor to VOSD. Moreno went to a neighborhood that was once an agricultural area to get a better glimpse of the new controversial Amazon warehouse.Images he produced as part Photo essays are tough. They show a shiny new building — if so, a monument to the new world economic order — obscuring the huts where the inhabitants live nearby. Photo by Carlos A. Moreno

Haiti immigrants in Komal

Mexican authorities are assisting Haitian migrants with the help of an interpreter from the COMAR office, a Mexican refugee agency, to register for refugee status on October 13, 2021.

In October, Tijuana officials saw an increase in applications from Haitians.Border Report Writer Sand Radible I talked to some of those Haitians And how do they assess whether they are staying in Tijuana or trying to cross the US border? Photo by Jobes Teriques

Kendall Frost Marsh

Coastal oceanographer Matt Costa is at various levels Sediment He dug out of the Kendall Frostmarsh Reserve on Mission Beach.Researchers use samples to determine how much Carbon is in the swamp. Photo by Adriana Heldis


Gemma Rama-Banaag, Chief Nursing Officer at Paradise Valley Hospital, has a photo of her deceased husband, Chester Banaag, when she was in dental school.He died in January of a complication of COVID-19.. 1, 2021.

As part of our Year 1: Number of deaths from COVID-19 Report series, Maya of VOSD Srikrishnan See how the pandemic affected Filipino community.. She found FIlipinos was the third most deadly nationality in San Diego in 2020 due to a pandemic. Photo by Adriana Heldis

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