The best things to hang on a wall besides artwork

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When you think of an empty wall waiting for a display to happen, it gives you the opportunity to inspire your creativity. Consider hanging more custom ones instead of traditional prints, posters and photos. A huge size version of the antique lace, fascinating teapot collection, and initials that were once owned by my great-grandmother.

This new decorative element may be what you need to make your living space look refreshing. Consider the following options.


Maps create brilliant graphic statements in any room, and the variety is endless. You can hang a map of the city or state in which you were born, your favorite vacation location, and the country in which your family was born. If you want to hang several maps on one wall, you need to make them the same size and match the frames to create a cohesive look.


Did you get the beautiful material that was sitting behind the closet because you didn’t know what to do? Turn it into wall art. Wrap the material around a canvas of the appropriate size and staple it to add a frame.


Instead of traditional paper wall calendars, choose a modern, reusable acrylic calendar. If you need to update your calendar, the whiteboard markers are easily cleared. Use it to organize everyone and be aware of appointments, practices, and other important events.


The appearance of a vintage clock hung on the wall brings a nostalgic charm to the house. Install it in a room where residents can handle noise, such as a dining room or kitchen, not in an office or guest room.



These shiny surfaces aren’t just on top of medicine racks and dressers. Install it in a place where reflection or light is required, such as a dark entrance. Hang a large mirror in the powder room and hang a small mirror in three along the corridor.


Why hide your precious things in the basement box? Show off on an empty wall that visitors can see and appreciate. Use shelves and hooks to hold these special objects such as toy cars, vintage cameras, baseball cards, etc.


What you hang on the wall does not necessarily have to be decorative. It’s also practical. For example, if your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space, remove the coffee mug from the cabinet and place it on a clean metal or rattan shelf that suits your room style.

Oversized letter

When you hang a huge letter (“LOVE IS LOVE”) to send initials or a message, make a personal statement in the living room or study.


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