The Block 2022 Explainer: A look at where Block favourites Dan and Dani are now

The Block 2022 Explainer: A look at where Block favourites Dan and Dani are now

Dan and Dani are two of the most familiar faces on it The Block. They first hit screens when they appeared in season 5 in 2012. They then came back for another crack the following year for The Block All the stars.

The couple now star in their own exclusive online series based on the show, Dan vs Dani.

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If you’ve been wondering exactly who Dani and Dani are, and what they’ve been up to since appearing on the show, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything the dynamic duo has been up to:

Who are Dan and Dani?

Victorian couple Dan and Dani dated for eight-and-a-half years before the couple got engaged in 2017.

Originally a carpenter, Dan is now a certified builder. While Dani, born in Townsville and originally from a banking background, had a natural flair for designing contemporary livable spaces.

Dan Reilly and Dani Waters appeared on The Block in 2012. (Instagram)

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Away from the show, Dan and Dani have their own construction and design company, Manna Made. They also renovated and sold their home in Melbourne’s Seddon for a record price and recently finished building their dream home on the Mornington Peninsula.

Dan and Dani’s Block experience:

Dan and Dani completed back-to-back seasons of The Block in 2012 and 2013.

The Blockheads managed to create chaos in 2013 – sparking their own cheating scandal. For one of the challenges, Dan and Dani teamed up with Josh and Jenna to stop Phil and Amity – who dominated the competition – from winning again. The move caused rifts among the All Stars.

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Drama aside, the couple still managed to score some big auction results during their seasons.

In 2012, the couple finally came in second with an auction result of $1.44 million, earning $448,000 in profit.

“From what it was to what it is now is just amazing. It’s the hardest challenge we’ll ever do … but it’s rewarding,” Dan said of his 2012 Block experience.

The following year, when they returned for The Block All Stars, placed third after their Sydney home sold for $1.575 million, making a profit of $220,000.

“I wish we had enough money to bid on this house because I love this house,” Dan said of them. Block All Stars at home.

“This is a house I could see myself living in,” added Dani.

While appearing on the show, the couple managed to disagree on almost everything when it came to designing and executing a room. So it’s no surprise why they came back for their own series, Dan vs Dani.

Life after the show:

The couple has come a long way since joining the show in 2012 and The Block All Stars in 2013. Dani launched her own interior design blog and e-commerce website Basic Habitat. She has also co-hosted popular home and lifestyle series Healthy Homes Australia in 2015.

Dan became a certified builder and continues to work with Keith The Block as Foreman – which he started in 2015.

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With design and construction expertise under control, you can imagine that their newly built home would be quite spectacular.

The pair transformed an old Victorian cottage, located in the Victorian suburb of Seddon, into a modern retreat.

They listed the property for $1.1 million, but sold it at auction in 2016 for a whopping $1.3 million.

In Pictures

Former Blockheads Dani and Dan list renovated home for $1.1 million

Dynamite duo transform a 1900s Victorian cottage into contemporary pad

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The couple went on to build their dream home on the Mornington Peninsula.

“Just some kids (not really) chasing their dream. Almost 4 years ago @foreman_danreilly and I bought a piece of land in Blairgowrie about 400m from the sea after a weekend away on the Peninsula. Today makes we ready to finally turn land TOMORROW!” Dani shared on Instagram in November 2020.

New look

“I still can’t believe it…it’s been quite a ride to get to this point but timing is definitely everything. Christmas 2021 at the Reilly’s BUT first, the build…and I’m going to do what I for my say Clients and ‘enjoy it’.”

Die Blok's Dan and Dani
Block foreman Dan Reilly and wife Dani start building dream house. (Instagram)

In another update, Dan also posted a photo of the land being cleared and wrote: “It’s time to go.”

Despite some delays due to Melbourne’s coronavirus lockdown, the couple finally moved into their dream home in time for Christmas 2021.

“Merry Christmas from two extremely tired people… waking up (or at least going to sleep) in our dream house was literally the best Chrissy present we could ask for,” the couple captioned a happy photo of the pair Instagram wrote.

Putting renovations aside, the pair got engaged in 2017. They tied the knot a year later in an intimate ceremony on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Die Blok's Dan and Dani tied the knot in 2019.
Dan and Dani tied the knot in 2019. (Instagram)

The couple celebrated with some of their closest Block co-stars, including Josh and Jenna Densten and front man Keith Schleiger.

While the former Block stars have no children yet, they are parents of two fur babies – Olive and Hazel.

The couple also star in their own series, Dan vs Dani. They became known for their sometimes brutal opinions – which are sometimes pitted against each other – in the series. Here they give honest feedback and comments as they walk through the rooms after official assessment.

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The Block airs on Channel 9 on Sunday at 19:00 and Monday to Wednesday at 19:30. Follow all the latest episodes on 9Now.


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