The Coolest Boutique Hotel Restaurants And Bars Across The World, According To Founder Of HAP Concierge Brandon Berkson

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Hotel Above Par is a professionally curated online guide to less than 2 minutes of articles designed for savvy travelers. Its founder, former public relations-turned travel specialist and entrepreneur Brandon Burxon recently launched a HAP concierge service.

This is a new kind of travel agency with a special focus on custom-planned boutique-style hotels and experiences by a carefully selected team. Travel savant Who are the experts on what is cool and where? Airplanes, hotels, activities, and meals all take care of you. In addition, Hotel Above Par’s unparalleled relationship in the travel industry allows members to take advantage of VIP-style perks and perks at a variety of hotels.

“I don’t think there’s anything better in their travel agency world than this,” says Burxon. “We have established ourselves as a trendy new travel agency focused on custom-planning boutique-style travel. The concept is very outdated and reminiscent of tourists. In addition to the existing trend of wanting a super authentic stay, people are now more interested in helping local businesses and boutique hotels than ever during the vacation, pandemic ruining the tourism industry It is the result of letting you do it. “

Unlike the majority of travel agencies that book accommodation with clients, such as hyper franchise travelers and mega resorts, the HAP Concierge prioritizes the extraordinary.

“In the itinerary, instead of an over-commercialized resort, you can find an intimate hotel that connects you to the heart of your destination through elements such as curation of local artwork and a unique backstory. “

We spoke with Hotel Above Par founders Brandon Burxon and the HAP Concierge about the coolest and most unique boutique hotel restaurants and bars. This is what he had to say!

restaurant: Moxy

Hotel: Hotel: Hotel Matilda

position: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Anyone who knows me will say that I will not stop talking about San Miguel de Allende. It’s my favorite city in Mexico. I often like to stay at the beautiful 35-key Hotel Matilda. Their collection of contemporary art is perfect. When you’re in San Miguel de Allende, definitely try their amazing restaurant, Moxy, even if you’re not staying at Hotel Matilda. Head chef Paul Bentley’s menu options range from roasted octopus and duck carnitas to barbacoa tortellini (the last menu is my favorite dish).

restaurant: Cafe rigs

Hotel: Hotel: Riggs Washington DC

position: Washington DC

Located in the capital, this hotel was once a bank and was financed by many presidents. The interior preserves the former life of Riggs. Thank you for the bronze door frame in the lobby, the marble floor, the vaulted ceiling, and the L-shaped front desk with the cashier’s counter. There will also be a spectacular cafe rigs that feels like a magnificent European brasserie as seen in Paris and Vienna. The high ceilings and clean design create a spacious atmosphere for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. I always like brunch, so it’s only natural to recommend French toast with bacon and pecan maple syrup.

Restaurant / Bar: Lianes

Hotel: Hotel: Sea Containers London

position: London, UK, UK

Sea Containers London is a sophisticated hotel located in the South Bank area of ​​the British capital. The constantly acclaimed bar Lyaness is a must-see. The design is very sophisticated and is a retrogram. From chaise lounges to walls, expect a light blue and soft gray color palette. Green-Marble Bar; In addition, a blue and bronze mirrored cocktail table. Well-known mixologist Ryan Chetiyawaldana, also known as Ryan, is the mastermind of the menu.You need to try their spirit tea, including creative cocktails (you need to try Orchard Splits: Vegan Honey, Apple Reduction, Rokujin, Soda); A collection of teas procured from all over the world. And the English selection is perfect for people with sweet teeth (like me).

restaurant: Un Piano Nel Cielo

Hotel: Hotel: Casa Angelina

position: Praiano, Italy

This is one of my favorite hotels in the world. Located on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Imagine a whitewashed facade, ultra-modern décor, and the most breathtaking seascape you’ve ever seen. The menu at their top-floor restaurant Un Piano Nel Cielo is excellent and many dishes are in the region, the rich cultural traditions of Campania (think local ingredients, meat and fish. In summary, the food here. Is as follows). Very fresh and focused on everything from the farm to the table). In addition to barbaric food, dinner here is a dream. An ounce of light-polluting starry sky. The selection of wines carefully selected by the sommelier will help enhance the already wonderful experience.

restaurant: Oak room

Hotel: Hotel: Adea Manor

position: Adare Village, Ireland

Located in Adare Village, Limerick, Ireland, this 842-acre idyllic castle hotel exudes magnificence from landscaped gardens to fine 19th-century furnishings and splendor. The Michelin-starred hotel restaurant, The Oak Room, serves contemporary Irish cuisine, headed by head chef Michael Tweedy. Inside, the blueprints on the oak panels of the fine dining restaurant are elegant and well-equipped, in perfect harmony with the winding views of the Meig River.

Restaurant / Bar: Candy bar

Hotel: Hotel: Siren Hotel

position: Detroit, Michigan, USA

The candy bar at the Siren Hotel in Detroit is at the heart of it, in addition to its excellent cocktail menu. The bar has an old Hollywood style charm. The setting is an impressive glass chandelier, luxurious furniture and a wall decorated with pink paint from Jayne Mansfield. In addition, the glittering disco balls offered by the nightclubs in Paris in the 1970s add the perfect sparkle to your night.

restaurant: El Assador

Hotel: Hotel: Unique hotel

position: Puerto Bolies, Patagonia, Chile

The reused refrigerator factory in Patagonia, Chile, now a family-owned Singular Hotel, skillfully preserves the past life from corridor to corridor. This includes El Asador, an in-house restaurant with a façade dating back to the 19th century. Inside, a rustic-style space serving a variety of wood-fired meats, such as skirt steaks, lamb steaks, and ribeyes, waters the mouths of carnivores.

restaurant: Nomi Park

Hotel: Hotel: Wayfinder Hotel

position: Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Wayfinder’s Nomi Park Restaurant in Newport, Rhode Island offers a relaxing retro aesthetic. You can’t mistake brunch, lunch, or dinner here. When it comes to supper, my favorite dish is spicy squid.

Restaurant / Bar: Elysian bar

Hotel: Hotel: Hotel Peter and Paul

position: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Located in the Marigny district of New Orleans, this trendy hotel, Peter and Paul, features a historic ministry, church and monastery. Located on the ground floor of the Rectory, the hotel’s Elysian Bar is uniquely decorated with a compassionate nod to both its New World location and its Old World roots. The yellow walls (which are prejudiced because this is my favorite color), the red bar stool, and the bar frame adjacent to Auburn create a cozy atmosphere.try it Boulevardier: Bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth, orange bitters.

restaurant: SUI-REN

Hotel: Hotel: Shore club

position: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Shore Club is a gorgeous oasis on the beaches of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Their restaurant, SUI-REN, offers a well-equipped outdoor atmosphere to celebrate the warm nights of the Caribbean Sea. The menu is arranged in Japanese and Peruvian style. Chicken cutletIncludes organic chicken breast with spicy lemongrass curry sauce and fried rice. Also, ordering sushi is always a good idea.

restaurant: Kuroya

Hotel: Hotel: Shinta Mani Angkor

position: Cambodia, Siem Reap

Creative genius Bill Bensley directs Shinta Mani Angkor, a Cambodian hotel that is ahead of its design. The Restaurant Kroya in the store has a sophisticated design with lots of stunning patterns. Their menu has a great focus on regional cuisine. Whenever I’m in a new country, I like to try regional cuisine. here, 7-Set the Khmer tasting menu, Because it is an excellent advance into the traditional Cambodian culinary offering.

Restaurant / Bar: Pulitzer Prize

Hotel: Hotel: Pulitzer Amsterdam

position: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I will continue to return to Amsterdam. From canals to gingerbread-style buildings, the city is very attractive. I like staying at Pulitzer Amsterdam, a 25 luxury hotel. Canal house built in the 17th and 18th centuries. The hotel’s signature Pulitzer Prize is sexy. Art Deco-style bars, old member club atmosphere, and extensive velvet furniture create a sophisticated atmosphere.What I can count on at this eye-catching bar Patchouli Mojito, Lamb blend, pine, mint, patchouli, lime and soda.

restaurant: Lateraza

Hotel: Hotel: Losereno Casa de Playa

position: Troncones, Mexico

Located in the tranquil coastal town of Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico, Los Sereno Casa de Playa is a dreamy 10-suite beach escape. Their restaurant La Terraza is perfect. Contemporary furniture, a wave soundtrack to the background, and a menu of Mexican and Spanish cuisine from the farm to the dining table will delight everyone who dine here.

Restaurant: Pasquinel Bistrot

Hotel: Banyan Tree Puebla

Location: Puebla, Mexico

In my opinion, Puebla is one of the most underrated destinations in Mexico. This Spanish colonial-style town is full of endless cobblestone streets, authentic restaurants and cathedrals. When you’re here, you’ll need to stay at Banyan Tree Puebla, a stunningly designed boutique hotel that skillfully blends the past and the present in every corridor. Pasquinel Bistrot is their signature restaurant with a blend of Mexican and French cuisine. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is full of traditional Puebla dishes. I love sitting next to the huge windows of the restaurant overlooking the lush hotel gardens. If you’re having lunch here, head for a cocktail after a meal at the hotel’s stunning rooftop bar. In the distance you can see the whole city and the most famous volcano in Puebla.

restaurant: Tierra Atacama

Hotel: Hotel: Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

position: Chile, Atacama Desert

Chile is amazing. You must definitely go if you have the opportunity. When you’re here, stay at Tierra Atacama, a boutique hotel in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The design of the Tierra Atacama restaurant flaunts beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the surrounding landscape. The menu has a twist of Northern Chilean cuisine and most of the ingredients are locally sourced. The menu incorporates local traditions. You can expect fresh and colorful salads, Peruvian corn, quinoa, and a variety of delicious meat and vegetarian entrees.


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