The curvy sofa is 2023’s big story: what designers say |

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The curvy sofa is 2023’s big story: what designers say |

There was no escape from the curved bank at the end of 2022. Our team has seen from as far away as High Point Market in North Carolina to Chelsea Harbor in London to a tiny island hotel in Croatia, it’s a form that interior designers clearly love. And we were sold.

Sofa trends come and go, but they often focus on fabric, the contrasting weld and bone materials. And while shapes vary, from straight two-seaters to family-sized sectionals, it’s unusual for a new silhouette to stand out from the crowd quite like this. “Curved sofas (and furniture) are experiencing a massive revival, having first become popular in the 1950s when Vladimir Kagen created his Serpentine sofa for an art collector client who required his guests to view his entire collection of all vantage points had to see,” says Samantha Wilson, interior designer and founder of Collection Noir (opens in new tab). ‘Since then, and thanks to this iconic piece and subsequent iterations, designers have been given a little more creativity when designing a space.’

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