The Fine Art NFT Boom Is Here


“St. Gregory” by Gabriel Dean Roberts

Steps by Fara Fisher

Erase with Gunnar Magnus

Fine arts flourish in NFT with the work of Gabriel Dean Roberts, Farafisher and Gunner Magnus.

I am excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. We hope that the work we do will send a clear message to artists around the world. Now is the time to create a new masterpiece. “

— Gabriel Dean Roberts

New York City, NY, USA, February 20, 2022 / Dean Roberts chooses a street fight with Caravaggio in his latest work, St. Gregory. St. Jerome “. St. Gregory enjoys the comforts of our time and is infused with tattoos and clues to musical culture. St. Gregory is exclusively sold as one of the original works on SuperRare, an NFT platform that offers top-notch cryptocurrency art. While stylized references to Caravaggio are clear, Gabriel’s take creates a sense of modernity in the subject, widening the line between cutting-edge and timeless. Raise the maturity of the crypto arts community, sit at the table among the old masters, and show how fine art can rest happily in the NFT revolution as well as 3D animations and boring apes. “

As public understanding of NFTs begins to spread, maturity issues arise and many collectors are beginning to show a desire for something deeper in their purchases. There is no day without talk of collectable NFT projects. Celebrity promotions and copycat scam collectors are trying to make money quickly. This “pump and dump” idea, which is part of the current view of NFTs, is justified and loses a true vision of what is happening. Traditional collectors are entering the NFT community and trying to pick up new art, but there are countless obstacles they face. Anonymity, a metaphor worshiped in the crypto community, creates a barrier to trust, and many aspiring traditional collectors are too worried about being scammed like physical works of art. increase. Gabriel explains: He said, “I feel that crypto art is not safe, so I talked to many collectors who have a” wait-and-see “spirit in crypto art. I am passionate about teaching them the most powerful ways to stay healthy. The relationship between the artist and the collector is due to the smart contract provided by NFT. That’s one of the reasons I sell my work only as an NFT. “

Gabriel isn’t the only one in his efforts to show the value of fine arts. Gunnar Magnus, a painter and crypto artist, translated the splattered and enthusiastic images of his dreamy and eerie paintings into complete digital media. Gunnar’s new work shows that learning a paintbrush can actually be converted into a digital tablet. Traditional painter Fara Fisher has also made a difference in digital media and is familiar with crossover works with works such as “Step” and “Float”. “Looking at what Fara and Gunner are doing, we can see that the genius of their work is as shining as what they put on the canvas. It’s a whole new generation of artists. I think it’s an inspiring innovation. ”I can’t afford the paint and canvas to pick up my iPad and pen. “

Innovation comes to mind as Gabriel presents “Ω”, an independent work of art and project that represents a decade of his artistic life. Those who purchase Ω will get 120 original works in 10 years, in addition to Ω itself. 30,000 ETHΩ is the most valuable NFT in history, and if resold, the original owner agrees to sell at a higher price than the last completed global sale at the NFT, as a “market capitalization” NFT. Maintain your position.

Ω includes extravagant perks and acts of goodwill worldwide. These perks include Rolls-Royce ghosts designed with custom GDR, an annual celebration, the Ω house and subsequent art exhibited through AR on the grounds of the Louvre, a million trees planted, and no borders. Doctors Without Borders includes $ 1 million. Ω is independent in its boldness and sense of meaning, bridging the relationship between performance art and the super-luxury artist and patronage that hasn’t been seen since the last Renaissance. For more information, please visit

“We are excited to join the ranks of such great artists at the forefront of this revolution. We hope that our work will send a clear message to artists around the world. Now is the time to create a new masterpiece. “

Gabriel has established authority in NFTs and has sold over 200 unique ones to his name across the platform. His work is coveted by collectors and praised by VOGUE and others. This is evidenced by his ranking in the top unique sales ranks on the well-known NFT platform.

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