THE FITOUT reveals the latest exquisite interior design work for Abu Dhabi’s Newby Tea Cafe

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THE FITOUT reveals the latest exquisite interior design work for Abu Dhabi’s Newby Tea Cafe

THE FITOUT has successfully completed its latest interior developments for the Newby Tea Cafe in Abu Dhabi. The cafe features THE FITOUT’s unique and sustainable range of interior solutions, which also include civil, flooring and lighting work. The success of the project was enhanced by its early completion, adding another milestone to the company’s growing record of achievements.

THE FITOUT used its signature range of interior solutions to develop the latest branch of the Newby Tea Cafe, with some of the key elements being a folding gold leaf partition, a ten meter floating table in reception and a gold metal mesh . . The company also undertook civil work, such as the construction of walls and partitions, as well as stripping and waterproofing solutions for wet conditions. The ceiling works, which included plaster ceilings and metal panels for the reception spaces, together with floor works such as self-leveling, carpet works, parquet floors, and more, were successfully managed by the professional teams of THE FITOUT.

Sherif Nagy, general manager of THE FITOUT, said: “Since its inception in 1987, our company has grown into a reliable supplier of complete interior solutions that meet the highest standards in terms of both quality and services. As one of the leading suppliers of high-end bespoke joinery and fit-out solutions, our recent completion of the Newby Tea Cafe has once again demonstrated our passion for quality finishes and interior solutions. Newby Tea has a proud history as an award-winning luxury tea brand. We were committed to maintaining the authenticity and richness of this brand throughout the project, which enabled us to deliver elegant interior designs for the brand. With many more similar projects in the future, we are confident that we can further strengthen our position as a reliable fitting solutions provider.”

The highest levels of quality were also achieved for the wall finishes, which included the use of an emulsion paint finish, premium wallpapers, marble cladding, FR MDF cladding and moldings. Along with providing an adequate amount of lighting with LED strips, spotlights and SS fixtures, the company has also made sure to include advanced glass works, door trims and other joinery such as coat hangers, pantry lounges and wardrobes for the ladies lounge . All MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) works are also completed with utmost professionalism to guarantee the safety and comfort of customers of the Newby Tea Cafe.

The newest Newby Tea Cafe in Abu Dhabi is the second store launched in the UAE. With its prominent neoclassical interior designs, the luxury tea brand offers its consumers a sense of royalty in addition to exceptional taste and quality. DIE FITOUT, as always, ensured to sustainably complete the project with a strong focus on the climate crisis, as well as employee safety. The project was completed in a span of just two months, due to the teams’ dedication and relentless efforts. Apart from that, any changes suggested by the client were easily adapted and adjusted by the firm without any hassle.

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