The Friday Flyer | CL photographer makes prestigious video for Nikon Z9


CL photographer produces prestigious video for Nikon Z9

Talented Canyon Lake photographer Anthony Allent has taken some of Canyon Lake’s iconic photographs over the years. And now he can add to his repertoire videos of dancers from around the world shot for Nikon.

Nikon Global has released a video “Sole Dance” directed and shot by Anthony Arendt. In this video, her daughter Keeley Arendt is dancing at the dock in the North Ski Area.

When Nikon makes a big announcement of its product, it makes a video to showcase the new technology. Nikon contacted Anthony and asked if he would like to shoot a video showing the innovative technology of the new camera showing off the features of the mirrorless camera.

Anthony and Kelly Allent.

“I was really excited to get a call from Nikon to shoot this video,” he said. “As a cinematographer, I’m really honored to be the first in the world to try out new technologies.”

This new technology shoots 8K live inside the Nikon Z9 at up to 60 frames per second. This small mirrorless camera can shoot at twice the resolution of a 4K TV and produce incredibly crisp, vibrant images. In addition to that, you can also shoot slow motion video.

Nikon asked Anthony to come up with the concept of a short film that introduces new features. He suggested making a dance movie to actually show off slow motion.

Anthony wanted dance styles around the world. And young and old of all denominations wanted dancers to dance to the same song. Nikon loved the idea, so his video “Sole Dance” was born.

Kelly Allent is dancing at the docks in the North Ski area as part of a Nikon video.

“This technology has never been used before and had to be tested many times to provide feedback to Nikon,” said Anthony. “During the testing phase, I hired her daughter, Keeley, to help me. Keeley has been dancing for the rest of her life and has been competing with Canyon Lake’s JDI Dance Studio for 13 years. She is also a model for Willow Modeling Agency. Yes, I play tennis at Riverside Community College. “

Anthony carried Keeley and all his gear to the North Ski area and, with the permission of Canyon Lake POA, filmed the scene for testing. When he sent the test back to Nikon, they loved Keeley so much that she became one of her movie scenes.

“Of course, I was surprised that I was able to include a little paradise in the film, not just my daughter,” he said.

Keeley, Ronda and Anthony Allent have lived in Canyon Lake for 22 years. Keeley is a server and bartender for lodges and lighthouse restaurants.

To watch the video, search YouTube for SoleDanceArendt.


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