The Lanmodo Vast M1 dashcam’s state-of-the-art night vision lets you see as far as 984 feet in the dark


The Lanmodo Vast M1 features an advanced 7-glass lens, Sony CMOS sensor, and GoPro-like algorithms for easy front and rear capture, regardless of time of day or time. Weather conditions. It comes with an upgraded 75 ° FOV camera on the front and a wide 170 ° camera on the back for clear 1080p full HD up to 984 feet at night. It is an industry-leading function of other drive recorders. I haven’t caught up yet.

Designer: Rammod Design

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The secret source of the Lanmodo Vast M1 is its night vision ability. Dashcam’s starlight-level low-light imaging technology utilizes a Sony CMOS sensor with a 7-glass lens array and an F1.0 aperture to significantly outperform other dashcams in its class at 0.0001 lux night vision. To realize. The Vast M1’s camera makes it look like the footage taken at dusk was captured in the right sunlight, so a quick side-by-side comparison of footage makes a big difference in quality.

The algorithm also maintains the brightness and exposure of the video and takes into account bright objects such as headlights that are overexposed in artificially brightened night-vision video.

The dashcam’s image signal processing capabilities also help improve visibility in bad weather, making the camera clearly visible despite rain, fog, and snow.

The Sony CMOS Low Light Imaging Sensor allows the camera to magnify even in very dark places, delivering 0.0001 lux starlight level night vision.

Video from both front and rear dashcams is sent to Lanmodo’s large 8-inch display and stored onboard to an SD card with up to 128GB of storage capacity. 128GB of storage can record up to 28 hours of continuous video (if only the front camera is recording), and new footage rolls over to older footage, ensuring 24-hour continuous parking surveillance. The built-in collision detection sensor also helps the dash camera record images instantly in the event of an accident or impact, and save and record them individually for review at any time. This video will not be deleted or recorded unless you manually delete it.

A wide-angle 170 ° field of view (FOV) and a rear camera with 1080p resolution provide versatile protection.

The Lanmodo Vast M1 is offered with two units, a front camera and a display that can be individually placed in a position that minimizes glare, and an additional IP67 waterproof rear camera (with the same night vision technology). It can be placed freely inside and outside the car.

Both cameras record at 1080p, with front and rear camera FOVs of 75 ° and 170 °, respectively. Lanmodo’s software supports multiple languages ​​including English, Chinese (Simplified + Traditional), Spanish, Japanese, French, Korean and Portuguese. The Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam was delivered in April 2022 and is available at an ultra-early price of $ 199.

Click here to buy now: $ 199 $ 389 (48% off). Hurry up and only 16/40 left!


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