The Maximalist Home Decor Brands Interior Designers Swear By For High-Octane Living Spaces

The Maximalist Home Decor Brands Interior Designers Swear By For High-Octane Living Spaces

When TZR contacted interior designers to find their favorite minimalist decorating brand for this story, they confirmed what everyone saw firsthand. “Minimalism is alive and well!” Allison Wright, Jr., a residential designer at Metal + Petal, told TZR. While many simply chalk it up to “getting out of Covid-19,” there’s also a simpler explanation for the look made by the recent acceptance statement. “Mixing patterns, shapes, and colors can allow one’s style (or style) to really shine,” Wright explains of its advantages.

Let’s be real, though: you probably don’t need any convincing to join the minimalist movement. If you’re here, you’re probably already on board (or at least curious) and ready to start pouring cash on pieces that are loud, colorful, and full of character. In this case, what is the best place to start? Of course, the wallpaper is from Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors. “Whether it’s Schumacher’s classic logo, Cole & Son’s unique design, or Flavor Paper’s unusually bold design, the right wall covering can provide instant personality to the simplest of spaces,” she explains.

If you want to take things to the next level with minimalist decor, Bean says you should layer patterned fabrics in the form of curtains or upholstery. “The trick is to have enough variation in the scale of the combined pattern, with some elements of continuity, such as color, that goes through each choice. There’s a lot of room to express your creativity and reflect your own personality .”

In other words, the options for exploring minimalist styles are endless—and so are brands that make minimalist pieces. You’ve got a strategy on how to buy them; now, find the best value for your money ahead of time.

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walnut wallpaper

According to Victoria Adesanmi, founder and head of Aesthetics Studios, minimalism is all about taking risks in texture, color and print. “Walnut wallpaper does just that, allowing you to add texture to any room,” she says.


Another minimalist decor by Adesanmi? “We couldn’t discuss the style without mentioning the minimalist queen herself — Justina Blakeney,” she said. “[Her brand] Jungalow offers a wide variety of colorful home decor and furniture. “

Ludlow and Victoria

Mr. Alex Alonso. alex TATE Design told TZR he was excited to work with Ludlow & Veh on a project to design the cushions and admired the brand’s eye for mixing patterns and textures. “Ludlow & Veh worked with sourced vintage fabrics to create a refreshed cushion,” he says. “I love its push for bold, whimsical designs. The quality and workmanship are fantastic, and the attention to detail is so precise.”

Hackney House

For Alonso, Hackney House has a “so granny, Victorian chic”. “I got lost in its patterns and prints,” he said. “It’s moody and layered and really adds a lot of depth to any design. It always creates an unexpected pop in any room.”

Kendra Dandy

Dominique Fluker, founder of virtual boutique interior design firm DBF Interiors, says she turned to artist Kendra Dandy for funky and eclectic art. “Her work embodies so much color, texture, uniqueness and chic,” Fluker told TZR. “You can count on her to be original in her work because no artwork is the same!”


Wright sees The Inside as a great retail source for bold prints and colors. “While the furniture options are classic silhouettes and forms, The Inside offers many upholstery options,” she said. “Choosing wallpapers that match your fabric choices is an amazing act of minimalism!”

ngara trading co.

For “awe-inspiring, mind-blowing lighting fixtures,” says John McClain Design of John McClain Design, you have to check out Ngala Trading Co.[Its selection runs] Everything from leather chandeliers to porcupine pendants,” he said. “Yes, you see what I mean! Then, when you’re “yelling at the lights,” McLean suggests you also check out the brand’s “beautifully patterned pillow collection.”

flight duration

According to McLean, when you visit TOV, you should be “ready for some dazzling designs at very reasonable prices”. As the designer explains, the brand is particularly good at “wonderful” casements and occasional chairs. “[Its] The entire collection and the tagline, “Don’t Be Boring,” truly embodies what minimalism is all about. “

Kyle Bunting

Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design says Kyle Bunting is one of her favorite minimalist decors, “because the sky is the limit for their cowhide rugs, which can be made in any color combination.”


Brittany Farinas of House of One lists multiple brands as sources for minimalist work, but for great finds in nearly every category, she heads to Perigold. It’s a “great platform to offer a wide range of upholstery, bags, lighting and accessories for this particular style,” she said.


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