The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Is Throwing $12 ‘Monochrome Parties’ With Tastings & DJs

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MBAM) will hold five “monochrome parties” to celebrate the exhibition Nicholas Party: L’heure mauve.. Participants are encouraged to dress in colors inspired by what the museum calls the artist’s “color and fantastic world” in the press release.

Each event from March to September has a different color assignment. The color of the first party on March 23 is green. Red is April 20th, blue is May 18th, pink is June 8th, and light green is September 21st.

In addition to admission to the exhibition, a $ 12 ticket gives party attendees access to creative workshops and film screenings of their own choosing.

At the Green Party, MBAM said, “Biologists and documentary filmmakers renowned for their artistic and exciting approach reveal trends in scientific accuracy that are in line with the endless fascination of nature and its wonders.” Featuring four short films by Jean Painlevé to explain.

The museum also promises a temporary tattoo station and tasting at each monochrome party.

March 23 Menu: Insect tasting by local edible insect supplier La Mexicoise. According to the website, the recipe was “inspired by the pre-Hispanic insect consuming culture of Mexico and developed by a chef specializing in the field of insect food in Quebec.”

Cocktails will be available to wash it all off.

The DJ set animates each of the five monochrome nights. DJO JPB in Montreal is set to play at the first event.

The green monochrome party takes place between 5 and 9 pm

Participants will only need to purchase tickets for the Nicholas Party exhibition on the MBAM website on the evening of March 23rd.

Get all the details of the monochrome party below.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Monochrome Party

Price: $ 12


  • March 23 (green) 5 pm to 9 pm
  • April 20 (red)
  • May 18 (blue)
  • June 8 (pink)
  • September 21 (light green)

where: Nicholas Party: L’heure mauve Exhibition, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MBAM), 1380, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC


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