The Most Popular Nursery and Baby Item Trends on Etsy in 2021

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Etsy has released its annual Year in Review. It looks back at the most popular trends in 2021 and predicts the trends in 2022.

According to the report, one of the things that continues to come to mind for users is to foster meaningful connections with communities and the like. Consumers are also deliberately shopping and spending more time in nature. Appropriately, the top search term in Etsy in 2021 was “Personalized Gifts,” followed by “Mother’s Day Gifts” and “Father’s Day Gifts.”

Not only are they going out, more and more people are thinking big and keeping their eyes on the stars. In fact, space has been one of the most popular trends for children in the past year. Over 2021, the platform has confirmed that:

Search for space-themed wallpapers increased by 41% Search for space-themed children’s and baby items increased by 20%.Search for fairy items increased by 51% Search for items of mythical creatures and beasts increased by 39% Dragon toys increased by 22% Emerald green items increased by 64%

Based on these results, Etsy predicts that emerald green will be the color of the year in 2022, with dragons and mythical creatures continuing to be the most popular.

Interested in jumping into some of these trends? Check out some of our favorite space-themed, myth-themed, emerald green items for your baby’s nursery.

Etsy space-themed baby items and nursery items

image: Planet in time

Plant personalized wall art in time, From $ 54,

image: Bug baby snuggling up

The snuggling bug baby just landed Onesie, From $ 25,

image: Round house

Round house wooden nursery name sign, From $ 20,

image: Bright Gift US

Bright Gift US Kids Height Rocket Ruler, From $ 40,

image: Fab decal

If your wall speaks cosmic constellation wallpaper, From $ 43,

Etsy myth-themed baby items and nursery items

image: Fairy nursery

Fairy Nursery Dragon Mobile, $ 90,

image: Partyvale

Party veil unicorn dream catcher, From $ 16 on

image: Snob Gift

Snobs Gifts Personalized Unicorn Locker, From $ 180,

image: Vertical Prota

Tateplota wooden dragon toys, $ 23,

image: NGO Creations

NGO Creations Once Upon A Time Sign, From $ 36,

Etsy emerald green baby items and nursery items

image: Great baby

Great baby swaddle blanket, From $ 32,

image: Pine and treasure

** Pine and Treasure Green’s Baby Set, $ 18, from

image: Art print factory

Art Print Factory Nursery Print Set, $ 10,

image: Wild Lemon Co., Ltd.

Wild Lemon Co Emerald Green Crib Bedding Set, From $ 52,

image: Lotus nursery art

Lotus Nursery Art World Map, From $ 19 on


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