The NFT Space is shaking! MetaRuffy launched their second

The NFT Space is shaking! MetaRuffy launched their second

New York, July 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-MetaRuffy International FZCO (Dubai-based company) already operates Ruffy World, an entertainment-focused metaverse world, with its second product release. We are proud to announce

LooBr uses MetaRuffy as a whole, is an all-in-one cross-chain social NFT marketplace, and a meeting place for creators, traders and social media users. CEOs Cihan Sasmaz and MetaRuffy’s creative and core team devised, designed and created the platform with the end user in mind.

“The Loobr Marketplace is great, easy to use, and the first built-in social media platform of its kind !! The MetaRuffy creative team was very professional. I highly recommend it to anyone new to NFT creation! !! “” FarmPro, LooBr users-June 2022

LooBr is sophisticated and easy to use, and websites are fast and responsive. It also offers the lowest transaction fees (1%) of all other major platforms across Digital Art Space. The site features ad-free, integrated KYC / verified badges, real-time notifications, creator loyalty, fixed prices, auction and mystery NFT capabilities, and end-to-end encryption.

“”LooBr is a great platform for creating and selling my NFT collection, allowing you to communicate with potential buyers all in one place. For the first time, it was easy to upload all my information. With verification and KYC options, I am confident that we will work with quality people. “ BuildingStones, LooBr users-2022

Technology is state-of-the-art and integrated social media features are the first of its kind.

LooBr welcomes and uses all kinds of digital art from virtual lands, music, domains, RuffyWorld in-game assets and, of course, NFTs.

Creators, traders and players can join LooBr. Creators have a place to display and sell art in the form of NFTs. In addition, traders can purchase validated digital art from validated authors. Finally, social media patrons can use “end-to-end” encrypted communication to chat, like, comment, friends, family, and interact with selected people.

“This is a platform from creator to creator, trader to trader, player to player. We love to create. We love to trade. We love to play.”

Cihan Sasmaz, CEO of MetaRuffy.

LooBr gives users complete control over their data and is built with the latest security techniques. Users can create a simple account with just an email and password to browse the site, experience the entire package and add a cryptocurrency wallet to their profile, and use KYC in a secure and secure environment. You can buy, buy and sell digital art. Other users.

“We have built a marketplace for everyday use.” Cihan Sasmaz, CEO of MetaRuffy.

“”LooBr is highly recommended for anyone considering buying or selling NFTs. Many of its features are not offered anywhere else, including a scoring system that is transferred with the sale! This site is easy to navigate and feels like it was developed by a real user in all respects. ” CryptoDiva, LooBr users-June 2022

LooBr also sets a new standard for NFT e-commerce with a unique feature called the LooBr score.

The LooBr score is a LooBr score that captures all the metadata collected from the owner to the owner (transactions and owner history, social media posts, comments, likes, etc.) from LooBr’s original, creation, and list. Forward to all relists of all NFTs on the platform.

“Not only do we buy NFTs, we also buy the entire history.” Cihan Sasmaz, CEO of MetaRuffy.

The marketplace runs on the primary utility token $ LooBr (which can be purchased directly on the marketplace). Prices for digital art such as NFTs are displayed in $ LooBr when listing, buying and selling. $ LooBr is also a platform governance token, allowing owners to add their opinions to future development. In addition, owners of $ LooBr tokens will be rewarded for holding $ LooBr and will receive $ MR (MetaRuffy’s native token).

“Let’s grow into the largest marketplace in the world. We look forward to seeing you at and looking forward to providing the best experience for everyone.” Cihan Sasmaz, CEO of MetaRuffy.

The marketplace is currently available and will be available soon on Android and iOS.

Pre-sale: (July 15, 2022-20UTC)

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