The Old Danbury Fair Mall Water Fountain Was a Grand Spectacle

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Shopping malls are entering a better era because digital shopping is the economic power. In the past, the mall was the center, and it was a place where you could not only shop, but also gather with friends to eat and see.

Every city in the United States once had a shopping mall, and virtually every city has prospered since the day it opened its doors. This is another era, and the country is dotted with abandoned megastructures that were once a bustling mall.

To stay in business and compete with Amazon, you need to be trend-savvy and marketing-savvy. Danbury Fair Mall fell into both categories and was not only able to continue its business, but also prospered.

The mall is owned by Macerich, a large real estate investment trust that specializes in American shopping centers. In fact, Macerich is the third largest company of its kind in the United States. They seem to know who their customers are and what they want. With all that brain power and market knowledge, how did they sway and miss the fountain?

Recently I wrote an article about a grown-up man. He took off his underwear and jumped into the “new” fountain at Danbury Mall. The incident was captured on camera, shared on Tik-Tok, and prominently featured in my article.

@ chr1s_tots-Tik-Tok

@ chr1s_tots-Tik-Tok

We talked about articles, videos, and bold actions on my radio show (Ethan & Lou on I-95). As soon as the topic started, we left the semi-nude bath and moved to the fountain itself.

The general consensus among Ethan, myself, and the listeners was that the old fountains in the mall were far superior to those of today. The old fountain was a spectacular sight, characterized by a huge pool and a two-story aerial stream of water.

Do you think I’m exaggerating this? So how do you explain that this adult man is distracting from a small child and staring at the fountain as if he loves it?

We’ve received emails from many listeners about this, but it’s clear that this isn’t a fair fight. The old fountain beat the new fountain and it was a landslide. I wanted to poll this again and get a larger sample size than the person who sent the text message to the app when doing this discussion. Let’s do it, which do you like better? They say you can’t go back, and that’s true, but you can certainly remember and admit. There were many people who felt very nostalgic about this theme. Fun Information Nuggets from Mall Fandom:

      • Mall opened in 1986
      • The mall was built by Wilmorite
      • During construction, two Wilmorite executives allegedly paid $ 60,000 in cash to then-Mayor of Danbury, James Dier, alleging that he demanded money to guarantee support for the mall. Did. The allegations contributed to Dier’s defeat for reelection in 1987. He was acquitted in 1990 on charges of corruption. Other charges were later dismissed.
      • The fountain renovation was part of the entire mall renovation, which began in 2007 and was completed in 2008.
      • The refurbishment includes new lighting fixtures that replace the original light bulb lighting, new stone-style floors that replace the original yellow-brown, brown, and green tile floors, a soft seating area throughout the mall, and new Stained glass accents and new paint were also included.

PS We apologize to the designers / artists behind the “new” fountain. The other reminds me of my childhood, what can I say to you? I love many design elements. You can stare at the water flowing over the sphere for days. I wish I could get bigger. I wish it was 1986.

Greater Danbury Bobcat Sightings, too close and uncomfortable

This morning (4/28/21) at the Ethan Andrew Show, we were discussing a viral video from North Carolina. In it, the couple was brutally attacked by a ferocious bobcat, but according to USA Today, they will be okay.

This is one of my pet’s pee, so I sent me to the fuss about Bobcat. Wildlife sightings were frequent in the Greater Danbury area, and when an animal was photographed, everyone piled up and said, “Yes, I am. Did you see a bear?” Is called. I saw a bear!

I have claimed that too many people have recently seen Bobcats, but there is no evidence. I said, I seem to know they are in fashion, but they can’t be around in numbers that people will make you believe. All Franks and Fran in the area say they saw yesterday.

If you see a bobcat, prove it. It seems that Bobcat, Ethan, and Lou’s listeners proved it and hurriedly underestimated it. These are sightings of Greater Danbury Bobcat too close for comfort.

Look inside Brewster’s rarely seen corner

Brewster, NY has an area where US 202, Lower Mine Road, the Croton River, railroad tracks, and reservoirs all meet. This is the interior of a rarely seen corner of the South East town, also known as Brewster.

6 people meet in Connecticut

Some of the best churros spots in Danbury + Brookfield

Churros are fried bread desserts found in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. It’s one of my favorites when covered with cinnamon and soaked in Dulce de leche. The question about what’s worth having is how far you have to go to get it. If you live in Danbury or Brookfield, you won’t go far at all. And I put our churros in Danbury + Brookfield to compete with the ubiquitous churros. These are some of the best churros spots in Danbury + Brookfield.


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