The Sandman: here is the Italian artist of NFT

The Sandman: here is the Italian artist of NFT

Italian artist Andrea Chiampoalso the author of a successful NFT series that was sold further SuperRareis the author of several characters and settings in the new Netflix TV series called The Sandman.

In particular, Chiampo created the 3D and design of the small dragon that appears in the first episodes of The Sandman, Goldie, as well as the castle of the Dreaming realm, the dog Martin Tenbones, and many other settings and characters from the TV series.

The background of the artist behind the design of The Sandman

Chiampo worked for Disney for over two years and spent a long time designing the Netflix series.

Chiampo explains:

“In this series you see at least five designs made by me in each episode”.

Even when Desiderio appears, in episode 7 called “A Doll’s House” – the heart-shaped environment Desiderio lives in was made by Chiampo.

The Sandman is actually based on a comic book created by Neil Gaiman and is signed by Sam Keith in 1989, from which Chiampo took inspiration for the Netflix series.

Andrea Chiampo in the NFT industry

In addition to having worked with Disney, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Amblin Entertainment, MPC, TheMill and many others, Chiampo is also an NFT artist.

The Italian artist took his first steps in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens in April 2021, dropping the work Genesis on SuperRare, which was sold later in September of the same year for 5 Ethereum.

The collection dropped on SuperRare is titled “Futured Past” and includes illustrations full of symbolism.

Although the works appear to be made using lithography, they actually use 3D rendering and digital sculpting created with programs such as ZBrush with which Andrea create dreamlike creatures and worlds.

Chiampo has also shown his NFTs in several art exhibitions dedicated to the sector, such as at DART in Milan, the Metaforum event in Luganoand the exhibition organized by collector Poseidon DAO titled “The Future is Unwritten” compiled by Ivan Quaroni and Linda Tommasi.



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