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What defines a stunning photo? Is it gorgeous architecture, a fascinating fashion editorial, or a portrait of a fascinating celebrity?

The latest coffee table books strive to answer these questions and offer a wealth of excellent images of different genres. From unprecedented vintage photography of Frank Sinatra to stunning interior design and architectural showcases to dazzling images of coveted jewels, some of the best coffee table books on fashion, design and photography It offers attractive choices for all tastes and budgets. Take a look at the latest 10 titles worth buying.

Case Study Houses: Case Study Houses # 22, Creating Modernist Icon Bruce Stahl, Shari Star Gronwald, Kim Cross (Chronicle Chroma)

If you’ve ever praised Case Study House, the 1960 Hollywood Hills home, conceived by Buck and Carlotta Stahl and realized by architect Pierre Cornig, this book is for adult children of Stales. Provides unprecedented photos and details provided about. Mid-century modern design. Case Study House It also describes how the house gained its own fame as a background for fashion campaigns and celebrity portraits, as well as movies such as: Galaxy Quest When Collina, Collina..

“Star House: Case Study House # 22, Creating a Modernist Icon”

$ 21.37


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Tom Ford 001 & 002 Deluxe Tom Ford (Resori)

Released by designer and director Tom Ford in November 002, A follow-up to his 2004 memoirs, he discusses Chapter 2 of his life and milestone events, including the launch of a paternity and a female label bearing his name. The two themes are now combined into one deluxe set in a chic slip case. Details include a bookplate signed by Tom Ford.

Tom Ford 001 & 002 Deluxe by Tom Ford

“Tom Ford 001 & 002 Deluxe”

$ 500.00


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Peter Marino: Chanel Architecture Peter Marino (Phaidon)

He has designed Chanel boutiques for 25 years and now Peter Marino is celebrating many years of collaboration with the iconic French label. A New York-based architect and designer who also created the flashy spaces of Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and Dior, Marino is behind the scenes with the details of Chanel boutiques around the world, from Tokyo to New York and Osaka. Introducing. Pointing to Chicago and beyond (he is currently working on a redesign of the brand’s Rodeo Drive boutique).

Peter Marino: Chanel Architecture

“Peter Marino: Chanel’s Architecture”

$ 104.20


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Yacht: Impossible Collection Miriam Cain (Assouline)

Fans of the luxury nautical lifestyle enjoyed by celebrities and megariches can take a closer look at the history of yachts, from racing and elegant vessels in the early 1900s to the high-tech models that dominate the industry today. .. As part of Assouline’s “Impossible Collection” series, this expensive book is not only comprehensive, but also full of gorgeous photographs.

Yacht: Impossible Collection

“Yacht: Impossible Collection”

$ 1,463.98


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Santa Fe Modern: Contemporary design of the high desert Helen Thompson and Casey Dan (Monaceri Press)

As modernism dominates the current architectural and interior trends roundly, Santa Fe Modern Explore how some of the best examples of this design theme can be found in the Southwestern United States. Many of the magnificent homes featured in this book can live almost anywhere in the world, but Santa Fe Modern convinces why the fusion of home design and surrounding environment is so important. It shows a powerful perspective.

Santa Fe Modern: Contemporary design of the high desert by Helen Thompson and Casey Dan

“Santa Fe Modern” by Helen Thompson and Casey Dan

$ 34.00


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Frank Sinatra has a cold Gay Talese and Phil Stern (Taschen)

In 1965, Gay Talese wrote for Esquire What is still considered to be the ultimate celebrity profile as a result of a scheduled interview with Frank Sinatra, who never happened because the legendary entertainer was sick. Almost 60 years later, Tully’s famous story turned into a book with this treatment by Taschen. This includes pages of Tully’s notes and manuscripts, as well as a number of photographs of Sinatra by Phil Stern, who took images of Ol Blue Eyes for over 40 years.

Frank Sinatra has a cold by Gay Talese and Phil Stern

“Frank Sinatra has a cold with Gay Talese and Phil Stern.”

$ 45.99


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Sapphire: Festival of colors Joanna Hardy (Thames & Hudson)

Jewelery enthusiasts know Britain-born Joanna Hardy as one of the world’s leading gemologists. This book completes her “Big 3” gem trilogy. Emerald, 2017 Ruby, And now sapphireExplore charm throughout history with these fascinating blue gems. Here are some of the world’s most famous stone examples, including the Bulgari necklace with 52.72 carat sugar loaf cabochon sapphire, which Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor his 40th birthday in 1972.

Sapphire: Color Festival by Joanna Hardy

Joanna Hardy’s “Sapphire”

$ 115.24


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Vanity Project: Fashion and celebrity stories styled by Dave Thomas (Unicorn Publishing Group)

Lionel Richie and John Legend have written an introduction and postscript to this retrospective exhibition featuring the work of London-born Thomas, a pioneer in the world of celebrity styling. Thomas’ thirty years as a stylist included the work of everyone from Boy George (who also interviewed the book) to Britney Spears, Sting and the Spice Girls. The proceeds of this book will benefit The Prince’s Trust, a charity that helps young people struggling to get their lives on track. Thomas was a recipient of the grant from the prince’s trust in his early days, and Prince Charles asked him to write a book.

Vanity Project: Fashion and celebrity stories styled by Dave Thomas

Vanity Project: Fashion and celebrity stories styled by Dave Thomas

$ 57.78


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Men’s fashion book By Phaidon Editors and Jacob Gallagher (Phaidon)

Covering everything in men’s clothing, this A-to-Z outline is more than 200 years of men’s style, from tailors and milliners to designers such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, and fashion influencers from Elvis Presley to A. A must-have for a historical fashion library. $ AP Rocky.

Men's fashion book by Phaidon Editors and Jacob Gallagher

“Men’s Fashion Book” by Phaidon Editor

$ 60.10


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Helmut Newton.heritage Matthias Harder and Philip Garner (Taschen)

Provocative, seductive, elegant, peep: Helmut Newton’s photo is an image of his editorial fashion. trend When Elle In the 1990s, it was considered a symbolic example of this genre.Taschen edited page 424 Helmut Newton.heritage As a companion to Berlin’s retrospective exhibition until May 2022, this view of the depth and breadth of his work includes portraits of Charlotte Rampling, Catherine Deneuve and other A-list star celebrities. I am.

Helmut Newton.Legacy by Matthias Harder and Philip Garner

Helmut Newton.heritage

$ 100.00


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