‘The Sims’ machinima is a dying art form. Why do these creators still do it?

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In 2009, the boss was disappointed with the direction of her favorite TV show. GreeHeaded.

The musical teen drama was in the second season, and from the boss’s point of view, the storyline was predictable and didn’t go anywhere fast. But instead of complaining on the internet, she wrote a skit about it.

Her boss comes from a creative family, so she didn’t pursue her efforts alone.She dragged her brother into the room, and the pair recorded themselves playing Gree The spoofing she created.She was crazy Sims At that time, he used video games to create and direct characters for her amateur work. This is a process known as machinima (portmanteau of words). machine When cinema.. )

Her efforts were well received. “”I set it up on Christmas day, and somehow it found the way to Tumblr — I didn’t know what it was at that time, “says the now 30-year-old boss in California. .. (His boss asked input To withhold her real name for her privacy. ) I wasn’t looking for viewers or anything on YouTube like people are doing now. I just wanted to see if others found my sense of humor interesting. “

More than 10 years later, Boss’ YouTube channel Simgm Productions has just under 1 million subscribers and is profitable enough to run full-time. And it’s still a family issue: her brother and sister work with her.Even today, they are creating parodies — including the following famous movie takes on the Kardashian theme: Nasty girls When Titanic — Many of them are talked about on YouTube and TikTok.

Boss is one of the few success stories of our time. Sims The world of machinima, once a huge force on YouTube, has brought millions of views. Although public interest in her work has declined dramatically lately, she and other creators continue to be driven by their passion for the game and their desire to tell a story.

27-year-old Mariam Tarkesi with a young adult writer Sims The appeal of making machinima, a machinima creator from Italy, has always been its accessibility. “I really liked the idea of ​​making movies and TV shows, but filmmaking isn’t easily accessible to a 14-year-old kid,” she says. “It was a chance.”

She states that her YouTube machinima account, which she ran as a teenager, gained far more viewers than her current account, Simmer Boi. But Tarkesi accepts that her time has changed. “YouTube was a completely different place a few years ago,” she says. “In general, YouTube has more content and more people. Views are like scattered across many creators and are hard to get attention to.”

Still, she loves the high drama and complete freedom that the Machinima world offers to her, so she’s doing her best. She describes her current project, “TV Shows.” Ward University, that’s why Cross between Oc When Bojack Horseman.. She uses some actors to voice the character, but no one makes money from the video. “But I’m having fun,” she says. “That’s what motivates me.”

“Hard work”

difficult Sims Machinima makers are trying to keep up with today’s YouTube metabolism, where more and more creators are constantly producing more and more videos.

“”It takes a lot of work and time to make a machinima. It can take days or months, depending on the length and complexity of the film, “says Remi Maroseri, a 32-year-old French artist and illustrator who makes machinima with machinima. Sims.. “To get compelling results, it’s a daunting task that requires changes and tweaks to the game files.”

Marocelli’s YouTube channel is primarily dedicated to existing channels Sims The character, Veragos in a red dress, was used to draw millions of views. Currently, each of his videos has only been played thousands of times. But he, like everyone else in the declining niche, is motivated by his small but enthusiastic supporters and his love of crafts that he has been working on since 2010.

“I like it and I’m good at it, so I keep making them. I’m gaining skills and experience with each new video, whether editing or in other areas,” he says. Maroseri says. A multi-part origin story of a Goth character.

He believes it Sims Machinima could rise again with the intervention of the game maker EA. Sims The team will spotlight the machinima as it did in the previous iteration, “he says. “There are very talented people in this community who deserve to be known and recognized.”

The boss doesn’t have much hope for the form of art. She finds that many of those focal points are boring. “It’s like they’re about to become an art house movie. There are so many deaths and vampires,” she says.Dramatic content of Sims Machinima has become the butt of a Reddit joke. There, game fans often ridicule the repetitive metaphors of this genre.

“It’s all subjective and sometimes it looks beautiful, so I don’t even know if it’s bad,” says the boss. “But you don’t have to look at the hands slowly buttering the toast, or when you look at the plot line where someone is eating breakfast, you suddenly see that they killed the child.”

She feels that Simgm Production’s focus on comedy, a genre that’s terribly lacking in the world of machinima, is bringing viewers back to more people. “In my opinion, there is no high rewatch value for something really dark and dramatic,” she says. “I can’t hear people seeing it Schindler’s List Also Sophie’s Choice Every day — they are watching Seinfeld next door Also Golden girls.. “

My boss will continue to make machinima as much as possible. “It’s weird because we’re actually continuing to grow, even though the overall Machinima trend has declined a bit,” she says. “I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else, so I throw myself 100% into it every time. I think that makes a difference.”

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