The story behind one of the most iconic paintings of Glasgow – Windows In the West by Avril Paton

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This is a picture of a snapshot of the city’s tenement life, evoking the memories of all Glasgow people.

Avril Peyton’s watercolor “Windows in the West” has been duplicated thousands of times and is a fixture in many Grassway and foreign homes, even after appearing on T2 trainspotting on a silver screen. Appeared.

Painted in 1993 and purchased by the Glasgow Museum of Art in 1996, the museum is on display at the Kelvingrove Art Museum & Museum. Here, over the years, countless Glasgows stood in front of it, trying to guess which street was there.

For those who don’t know, this painting depicts a snow-covered tenement house on Saltone Street on the corner of Roxburgh Street in the Dowan Hill area, just a short walk from Byers Road at the western end.

The artist lived on the other side of the Nagaya when she painted the watercolors. After a sudden heavy snowstorm in the evening, it shows the view from the window of the attic of Atoll Gardens overlooking the Nagaya.

Avril Peyton took six months to paint, but he was so big that he knelt on the floor and started painting. And interestingly, since I started it in winter, the painting wasn’t completed until June 1994 in the heat wave of Glasgow.

Nagaya of “The Windows In The West” at the western end of Glasgow.

Talking about this painting in a 2011 interview with the Glasgow Museum, Avril said that this caused some difficulties for her because the snow was the last added part-and of the car in the snow. She said the truck (on the right) was that part and she was most happy.

She also revealed that all the inhabitants who portrayed the daily life in the tenement house, which was added to the painting after the tenement house itself was drawn, are real people.

The artist said: “I didn’t know at the time that this painting would become a popular painting and would be in the public domain, so nothing was invented in it. Put in a real person who might have disputed it. If I knew I would have hesitated, I didn’t know that, so all people are real. “

People have also noticed that she attended the “Norman’s Party” in the Nagaya on the ground floor on the left and included her much younger version in the painting, as she occasionally did in real life. May not be.

Avril explains why it’s called “Windows In the West.” “One is at the western end of Glasgow and two are in the Western Hemisphere of the world.

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“It’s a stone building, and in a very broad sense it depicts a life where people live in the west rather than the east.”

In December 2005, John Gilbert Architects set up a photo that reflected the painting after completing an external repair of the walls and roof of the tenement house.

And not only does the photo help show what the actual row house looks like, but it also helps to show how spectacular it was to portray Avril Peyton!


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