The Story Of Lionel Messi And A ‘Lucky’ Red Ribbon

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The Story Of Lionel Messi And A ‘Lucky’ Red Ribbon

Often branded as ‘one of the greatest of all time’, Lionel Messi wowed the football gods in Qatar as he went on to lift his first FIFA World Cup title with Argentina. After losing the opening match of the tournament against Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Messi went through a testing period where a single defeat would have resulted in their elimination from the tournament. In what has been a rollercoaster of a ride to the trophy, Messi’s men battled through extreme situations to finally win the ‘most prestigious award in world football’. But, was it just hard work?

In a stage as big as the FIFA World Cup, there is little that separates the teams. It is often those small details that decide which side will emerge victorious. Argentina not only had Messi by their side to bail them out of difficult situations, but also ‘a lucky red ribbon’.

Messi is the kind of soccer player who has fans all over the world. Even journalists and reporters who interview him often express their admiration for what he can do on the field. One such incident unfolded in 2018 during the FIFA World Cup in Russia where a journalist gave Messi a ‘lucky red ribbon’ which his mother asked him to give to the then Barcelona footballer.

“My mother loves you more than she loves me, I wear her red ribbon for luck. If you want it, I can give it to you,” the reporter said. In response, Messi said: “Yes, sure!”

The reporter then added: “This is from my mother, so please keep it safe.”

Since that occasion, Messi has always had the red ribbon around his left ankle.

The reporter and Messi ran into each other again after the forward scored a goal against Nigeria.

The reporter asked: “I don’t know if you remember, but my mother gave you a ribbon.”

Messi responded, saying: “Look at this”, as he showed the reporter the ribbon, which was wrapped around his ankle.

The reporter was delighted to see this and said, “No way, No way! Did you really wear the red ribbon around your ankle?”

Messi then said: “Yes, here it is.” The reporter, on camera, then said: “Dear mum, Messi wore it!”

Since then, Messi is said to have shared it with some of his teammates both at club and international level when they were going through a difficult situation.

Four years after the incident, Messi was even spotted with the red ribbon around his left ankle at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Even as Messi posed with the World Cup trophy after winning the final against France, the red ribbon around his left ankle could be seen.

While there is no denying that Argentina and Messi won the World Cup with their hard work, talent and hunger, the sheer respect with which the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner carried the gift of a reporter and honored his words , a victory in itself.

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