The Tesla “Cyberwhistle” is proof that Elon Musk will practically sell you anything except actual cars…

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[This is an Editorial. The views, opinions, and positions expressed in this article are my own.]

In the last two years, Earon has become the wealthiest man in the world, sending people into space, demonstrating the operation of boring tunnels, giving his son a more secure name than my Gmail password, and Tesla’s headquarters. Introduced the perceptual Tesla robot that moved to Texas. He bought a dog to manipulate cryptocurrency values ​​and awakened most of his time on Twitter trolls. He also sells the Tesla brand tequila, and more recently, of course, a cybertruck whistle called the “Cyber ​​Whistle.” In short, he did everything except actually selling a new car.

In my article in May of this year, I mentioned how Tesla hasn’t released any new cars in the last two years (although we’ve made a lot of announcements). Elon even said in 2015 that by 2018 there would be fully self-driving cars (with Level 4 autonomy) on the road, so the cyber whistle at this point is really all a big joke. I feel like. There is no doubt that Elon has a foresight. But the visionary who continues to make promises and claims that can take decades (if any) to offer is just a bullish … or in this case, As Benedict Evans says it very wisely, “Delivery bullsitter”. Even if it took 10 to 20 years to deliver the technology that Theranos promised prematurely, there would be no difference between Elon and Elizabeth Holmes. Eron, who announces the Tesla robot, is probably 20 years too early and is exposed to the same kind of charlatanism.

The reason Elon announced the Cyber ​​Whistle is that it really grinds my gear (not intended for puns). That’s because he portrays him as a dishonest CEO who hasn’t even remotely apologized for the significant delays in the truck. In fact, it’s as if Elon cursed people who pre-ordered Cybertruck in 2019 and expected it in late 2020, but it’s almost 2022 and the truck isn’t visible anywhere. Designed and sold as another of Elon’s many trolls (this time I’m having fun with Apple’s $ 20 cloth). The whistle is shaped like a truck and is made of the same brushed stainless steel as the original truck. When Elon tweeted about it, the whistle sold out in minutes, strengthening the worship of Elon’s personality, and opening his Twitter account before he crossed the line, as when he called the deep-sea rescue diver a “pedo.” I said it really needs to be regulated, but more importantly, it proves that Elon is an absolute professional in selling anything but a real car, from whistles to dreams.

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