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Imagine that you can make beautiful things from pollution. EcoArt licenses the work of the original artist and prints images on fabrics made from recycled plastic waste. As a result, people can not only brighten their homes, but also get something that will be reused forever from the disposable culture.

We work with established up-and-coming artists to license prints on canvas fringed with FSC-certified sustainable wood, made from 100% recycled plastic.

Why do it
EcoArt was founded to combat overconsumption. Founder Peter Swinger believes that too much “things” leads to unsustainable levels of waste, pollution, and the depletion of global resources. But it also gets hooked on the topic of buying things just because consumers are popular or fashionable. This reduces creativity and creativity, encourages the theft of artistic ideas, and fills people’s homes with copycat rip-offs. Peter wants to see the original artist in a unique home without damaging the planet.

“It’s important for us to work with truly great artists and bring the original wall art to people’s homes. Whether you are a buyer or an artist, we have original ideas and We believe in expressing personal tastes — we protect people’s artistic tastes and the right to express them. It is also important that our science keeps sustainable practices up to date. We want buyers, artists, and more to benefit from the existence of eco-art. Sustainability is no longer a choice. It’s a fundamental need. “

How it started
Peter began his family business in textile manufacturing and printing, which became a British-wide success in the first half of his life. Between the Bristol Channel and the hills of Mendip Hills, a designated special natural beauty area of ​​Somerset, he became more and more environmentally conscious. He began researching recycled fabrics and talking to artists to see if they would offer their original art as eco-friendly prints. He arranged fair and mutually beneficial artistic tolerances with them, and sought to ensure that they were rewarded for their work and that consumers were able to get the most out of their ideas. He quickly published more than 20 artists in the book, and EcoArt was launched in the final quarter of 2021.

How to use
Browse the EcoArt website by artist, style or theme, select the print size you want and proceed to checkout. All canvas prints are created on demand using the highest quality pigment inks in Somerset’s print room, providing vibrant colors that are guaranteed to not fade. Your art arrives ready to hang without the need for additional framing. Take it out of the package and hang it for fun.

About eco art
Founded in 2021, EcoArt is the first company to provide wall art to 100% recycled plastic fabrics in wooden frames manufactured directly from artists to consumers by certified FSC suppliers. Ecoart, based in the countryside of Somerset between Bristol Chanel and Mendip Hills, was struck by Peter Swingler, a fabric, printing, retail and manufacturing dynamo after feeling compelled to deal with a climate emergency. It was established. He provides artists with 100% control and fair rewards for their original work through artistic permissible contracts. His goal is to create wall art that reuses waste from disposable culture into stunningly beautiful things that are forever cherished.

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