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Dr. Mohammed Nagy

Release: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 2:39 pm

It was almost impossible to hear about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and hype about digital rights, tokens, and proof of ownership. I happened to introduce the world of NFT, which is a new technology, and new trends that will take over the world. It will be gradually introduced to almost every industry, whether presenting the art itself or introducing specific people. A community linked to those NFT arts.

I have done some research on NFTs. It is a creative and wide world of information and art. The more it grows, the more industries are participating. We are raising awareness through our unique method of buying and selling digital artwork and how it works. So what’s the hype about NFTs? They are unique in their identification code. Similar to a bodyguard, it can be trusted by sellers and buyers. Digital zone cyber security. For example, not only do you make it possible to buy items that are meaningful or valuable to you, but you also reserve the copyright that provides ownership. It has built-in certification, which is proof of ownership. Collectors and buyers are often more interested in digital bragging than the purchase itself. This is a new technology and the trend is growing.

Customers can track the source of raw materials used for purchases, find products in specific stores, and understand trading activities in the market, such as the authenticity of products and products, and tracking of product history. increase.

NFTs can also increase the value of physical products by being able to authenticate and track the source, date and time of manufactured items.

People got to know more about NFTs after seeing community-known names such as Twitter co-founder who sold the first tweet for over $ 2.4 million and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Lindsey Lohan. ..

Recently, the fashion industry has begun to adopt spots in the digital arena. One way they have found that they attract, connect, validate and connect with consumers is to use NFTs.

Gucci was the first major luxury brand to sell NFTs, a four-minute short movie, but sold for $ 25,000.

Dolce and Gabbana (D & G)’s NFT debut was physical as well as digital. Each NFT purchaser received not only the NFT, but also the physical version of the item and exclusive access to the D & G event.

In the healthcare sector, NFTs can benefit not only students and healthcare professionals, but also patients. The healthcare sector is NFT’s latest frontier. Health records / data, human blood, and medicines (medicines) are recorded and displayed to the patient as NFTs.

Using NFTs with health data looks very promising. The patient knows the health data but is unaware that he has access to it. It can be identified and ownership is guaranteed. Many entrepreneurs use NFTs as a way to defocus data collection, optimize access, and allow patients to manage their health records.

When it comes to medicines, medicines recalled from drugstores can mark NFTs and draw the attention of those who can track them. Prescription orders can also be linked to NFTs by easily limiting the NFT to the author and avoiding copying the prescription.

From here, I would like to proudly announce the first collection developed in collaboration with Wagumi Block. It was named “Dental Holiday”, which introduces dental products and products in a very modern and chic way. My NFT will be regular dental products such as toothbrushes, dental chairs and dentures. However, all these designs have a twist of art and are expressed differently to represent visual arts.

It’s the overall mood and temperament of the holiday, giving it a more summery feel inspired by the Bahamas and Hawaii. Dental chair sun, palm trees, umbrellas, colors, traces of the blue sea. Tribal tattoos of dentures, and colorful patterns of toothbrushes to present this summer’s dental collection.

The goal is to bring the general public, patients, dentists, and dental students into one community and provide utilities and benefits associated with all of them. For dental practice, this technique can certify the dental procedure performed or the product being used.

In the near future, everyone will need to save an NFT that certifies the type of treatment offered and its quality. It also includes a warranty.

Patients can also enjoy the special offers of dental care and products we see on a daily basis, with an artistic twist.

My purpose was also to build a network that would open the door to a new generation of dentists. Owners of these NFTs have exclusive access to conferences and dental courses held by top speakers around the world. You also have access to one-on-one interviews, conversations and sessions with dentists and professionals.

It is also a bridge between the business and dental industries. Connect representatives of several dental giants and institutions or suppliers with buyers to establish connections between dental operators and suppliers, or companies that sell dental supplies and customers, as well as dental companies and students. ..

As more people participate in NFTs, I think NFTs will expand and invade many industries. Therefore, it benefits each person’s business and career. The future can only be seen through digital graphics, so it’s an unlimited space for creativity and creativity. Find your place today.

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