the world’s first crypto war and NFT fundraising

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Competition and cryptocurrencies

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is said to be the largest military attack in Europe since World War II.It is also called the world’s first crypto war (initially by the Washington Post) because it is used by both countries. Cryptocurrency For their benefit. Ukraine is using digital currencies to raise emergency funds while analysts are discussing whether Russia can circumvent sanctions and the international banking system using cryptocurrencies.

On February 26, two days after Russia announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine, the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian government tweeted. ‘Stand with the Ukrainian people. We are currently accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT. As of yesterday, March 4th, with a cryptocurrency donation of $ 50 million NFT sales It was already raised to support the country. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov used Twitter to announce the total amount of donations so far.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are once again in the limelight with a staggering amount of money raised in just over a week. The question now is how they can affect social and political issues, and even war.

NFT for good

Curators, teachers, and confessed polarized child Kenny Schachter are the voices of one advocate of NFTs while others remain skeptical.This year’s Engadin Art Talk (EAT) In Switzerland, Schachter talked lively about NFTs, or what he called “what everyone hates”.

“Remove the blindfold, think about what an NFT is, and stop living in a negative land like the world of art.” Schachter said at an art event on the weekend of January.

Since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Schachter has launched an NFT collection in the open ocean to raise national funding through various contributing artists. Of course, Schachter wasn’t the only one looking at NFTs. Even the Ukrainian government has announced that it will issue irreplaceable tokens to fund the military.

The NFTUkraine NFT collection is now available in the open ocean (main image by kanchanara via unsplash)

During Kenny Schachter’s lecture in Engadin, before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he focused on the connection between art and politics, and technology and culture. “What is contemporary art? Contemporary art is an art that deals with the social, political and economic aspects of our culture. I am neither a coder nor a programmer. To me, technology is culture. We are. Live in a world defined by artificial intelligence Computers, internet, Instagram and social media. And the advent of social media has completely obscured the boundaries of Africa, Asia, and the geographical differences that can convey what is happening around the world.

In his presentation entitled “NFTism: The Last Ism,” Schachter also emphasized artists who have already made political statements using NFTs, such as Irish artist Kevin Abosch. .. “He is a great artist. He made this work in NFT, China. Schachter explained. ‘And he secretly embedded information about the Uighurs. This Turkish group has been completely destroyed in a genocide in China. He then sneaked it into the Chinese National Museum like a Trojan horse and commented on this conquest and domestic suffering. He is an extraordinary conceptual artist. These are part of his work. He uses artificial intelligence, algorithms, and embedding. He wore a dress that some of the owners of his work had free health insurance. He used NFT sales to buy satellites and monitor environmental damage.

World's First Cryptographic War and NFT Financing, designboom Heared from Kenny Schachter
“Brush with peace” by louie devitoart of NFT Kraine

“Of course, NFTs aren’t perfect, but at this point they show what the borderless community can achieve.” A month later, he continued schachter, almost predicting what would happen in Ukraine and the subsequent mobilization of the digital community.

“I am completely grateful for the shortcomings in this area.” He also said. “We know the excessive environmental consumption of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. We know all the scams and crimes related to money laundering and tax evasion. But it tends to be just digital art. Not. This is part of humanity. That is, humanity has a bell curve of honesty and morality, and NFT is well within that range.

Watch the full story from Kenny Schachter’s EAT 2022 in the video below and check out the NFT Kraine collection in the open sea here.


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