The year in photos: A look back at 2021 through the lens of Vail Daily photographer Chris Dillmann

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Oh, what a year. It feels a bit more normal than last year, but the last 12 months are still in history books.

The photos I chose to represent 2021 were chosen based on the most media-worthy assumptions. Others may have slipped through the cracks as “better pictures”, but these are the most influential to me with respect to what we have experienced in this small part of Colorado and in the smaller parts of the world. did.

When many things happen throughout the year, it’s difficult to pick and choose some photos. Biting news such as canyon closures, shattered days from wildfires, and kids doing cute things — they all have a place to record what happened in Eagle County. Behind the lens, you see differently what’s happening in this valley. You can also see more than most people. So this is my attempt to summarize the year through my eyes and by pressing the button that clicks the shutter on my camera.

The difference from 2020 is that the event is back, but the pandemic was still strong. But whether it was a limited ability or a requirement for vaccination at a local venue, they are back differently than before. Nevertheless, they are back. Concerts, sporting events, and most of the time in between, helped our valley come alive.

Then there is the weather. Below-average snow seasons and precipitation can guarantee one thing in Colorado-wildfires and low river flows. At the beginning of the summer, a fire broke out near my home in Sylvan Lake State Park. Then it rained in the second half of the summer, helping to prevent new fires, but exacerbating the scars of older ones, such as the grizzly leak fire of the previous year. Therefore, the summer marked by the closure of Glenwood Canyon’s Interstate 70.

As always, the valley has lost very influential people. Even though most students had to wear masks for the second year in a row, the unrestricted direct graduation ceremony was back and the school attended the session without a block schedule or a small learning pod.

Again, you can’t repeat how difficult it is to pick and print a few photos that capture the year. That said, check out the online story where you can see far more photos than you can in print.

Kaman K-MAX helicopter fills a water bucket to fight the June Sylvan fire. The background burn scars show how the fire moved to Sylvan Lake in Eagle’s Sylvan Lake State Park. Air operations were the key to fighting a fire that burned 3,792 acres (about 6 square miles).

Robert Yee teaches Evergreen’s daughter Silvana, 11, 11 years old, how to fly a fish on a piny lake outside the veil in July. Lakes are a popular destination for many recreational activities.

After a historic landslide in August near Glenwood Springs, major road construction begins on the destroyed part of Interstate 70. Heavy rains on the burn marks caused the mountains to collapse and the highways to be closed for several weeks.

First-year teachers Monica Moreno and Zyed Hernandez are working on a task on the first day of school at Homestake Peak School in Eaglevale in August. In the school district, masks are required for all faculty and students.

The Sikorsky S-64 Sky Crane helicopter fills up from Sylvan Lake and fights the Sylvan fire outside the Eagle in June.

Axel, a 5-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, breathes air at the Dock Dogs Outdoor Big Air competition in Vail in June. The event was a kick-off for GoPro Mountain Games at the Vail Valley Foundation and was fully restored in a year after being canceled due to concerns about COVID-19.

Derek Redd will leave the Beaver Creek White Room in February.

Vail Mayor Dave Chapin was vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by Vail Health nurse Elizabeth Kegode at Vail Hospital in March. Chapin collapsed in early 2020 with a bout of COVID-19 when Eagle County became one of the early hotspots of the pandemic.

Smoke rises at the Sylvan Fire hotspot in June at Eagle’s Sylvan Lake State Park.

During the Powabunga Music Fesitval in Vail in December, fire was one of the production aspects of music. The festival wasn’t lacking in impressive visuals.

Kai Blumenauer, 2, from Eagle Vail, will take a veil walk through the annual Trick or Treat in the Vail Recreation Area in October. Children and adults appeared in many costumes.

The crew is working to clear Glenwood Canyon after a landslide between Dossello and Glenwood Springs in August.

Flink Creek Circus performers will captivate spectators in August in Avon.

The Wailers will be featured in the Bale Valley Foundation’s Hot Summer Night Concert Series in Vail in August.

Jeff Darnal, Fleet Manager for the Town of Vail, discusses the battery function of the new town bus in Vail in April. There was hybrid electricity in the town, but we plan to add a 100% electric bus to the fleet.

The Battle Mountain Boys Hockey Team celebrates the victory of the 4A State Championship at the April parade in Eagle. The boys won everything after taking part in the playoffs at the wildcard spot.

Kelly Nelson of the Vail Fire Department broke through the wall in November during a training exercise at the former Children’s Garden of Learning site in Vail. The training was to teach firefighters self-rescue when they were trapped, by learning how to escape from the building when their normal presence was blocked.

Keb’Mo’plays the Vilar Performing Arts Center in August at Beaver Creek.

Riders will compete in condomless riding for the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Opening Night in July.

Firefighters ignite brushes for open burning in April at East Bale. The burns occurred in the Katosos Ranch area of ​​East Vail, with approximately 20 acres of Vailland town and 1 acre of Colorado Transportation Authority right of way. Helps to regenerate the winter range vegetation of bighorn sheep.

The worthy name John Ramunno’s Field Stand is full of people paying homage to the legendary coach under the lights in August at Eagle Valley High School in plaster. Ramunno died after the battle with cancer.

Carl Denson’s little universe will be replayed in Avon as a sunset over Avon’s salute to the United States in July. The fireworks may have been canceled due to the danger of fire, but I was looking forward to live music, food and entertainment.

Denver’s Arbonault will be replaced at Beaver Creek last March.

Arabella Boswell and her best friend Anna Miller of Avon will investigate an art drip at Beaver Creek in January.

Jack Reed, 13, received the first Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine from Dr. David Wall, who retired at Vail Health Hospital in Vail in May but began helping the vaccination clinic.

Jaime Molina paints one of the ventilation stacks just west of the Dobson Ice Arena in Vail in June. Known as the “worst crew,” the duo completed their work, “Valley Threnody.”

People are lining up for the Covid-19 vaccine in March at the Gypsum Gypsum Recreation Center.

Aspen will show off their colors in September near Mintan.

After a series of mud and rock slides destroy the freeway at the end of July and the end of August in Glenwood Canyon, excavators work to fill holes in Interstate 70.

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