The year we turned away from, and towards, each other

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His mother was like a liar, he wrote, multiple bankrupts and Trump sharks, “but on the plus side, Renai didn’t cook, she didn’t clean, and She was poor with money. “

She was very good at “dying red roots, manicure every week, fishing on the pier, rolling joints and buying dirty magazines”.

Her family, who worshiped her, did not kill her in any of the previous hardships of her life, so she thought Renai would never die.

And the hardship was considerable. “Pneumonia 2 times, infection, blood clots, bad feet, breast cancer 2 times, mastectomy 2 times, depression 2 times, multiple bankruptcies, marriage to a philanthropic sergeant, divorce in the 70s, 6 children, 1 Some miscarriage from the quietly famous Abortionist in Spring Lake, North Carolina, caesarean [and] Relationship with Larry King in the 1960s. “

The obituary ended with a plea.

“Goodbye mom. We loved you a little.”

Stoics enjoyed the Renaissance during the pandemic – I’m one of the many who dispelled the old copy of Marcus Aurelius meditation This year, at least now, stick to the knowledge that I have something really stoic.

Larry King had a relationship with a sneaky man and defeated Renai Mandel

A book is written about it, an Instagram account is dedicated to it, and you can even buy a poster that engraves your day to death, a kind of fun Memento Mori It can double as the art of the wall.

All Stoics were to focus on death as a way to live in good health.

During the pandemic, at least in developing countries, many had to tango closely with the prospect of death for the first time. Therefore, it is probably not surprising that stoicism has returned to fashion.

It wasn’t just the potentially deadly nature of the virus that calmed us down. All the misery that accompanies it comes from the effects of blockades and social distances.

Humans are very social animals, and it is both encouraging and frightening to see the effects of our forced separation.

Humans are deep and social creatures.

Humans are deep and social Wyman

To me, this isolation seems to start with the physical one and then become more psychological, causing two different consequences.

At the abstract level, in politics and social media, it makes us more because we blame other people and other groups (unprotected people, pro-rockdowners, anti-rockdowners) on our suffering. I made it anti-social.

Twitter is by no means a comfortable place, but it’s now a toxic combination of gladiators, mediocre, and the most annoying. We often feel that our politics is just as advanced.

If we had a protracted goodwill towards politicians after sports corruption and parking subsidy controversy, it would be Herald And the age of government subsidies.

A review of more than 19,000 grants in all federal constituencies by reporters Katina Curtis and Shane Wright found that coalition seats received nearly four times the amount that flowed into the Labor constituencies.

The disparity between adjacent seats is terrible and is literally the naked need and greed of politicians focused on winning elections at all costs.

This kind of political favor is the definition of antisocial behavior, destroying the greater social needs of “wrong” voters for the benefit of the elite political class.


This makes voters look down on politicians more than ever, and has the counter-intuitive effect that future politicians can easily avoid the same thing.

If your expectations are low enough, you can pass anything.

But countering this abstract antisocial behavior was the deep prosocial behavior of the general public trying to tinker with it.

A visit to the immunization hub in the mid-blockade of southwestern Sydney reminded us of human capacity for cooperation and group organization. It’s a wonder.

Prosocial behavior is also a queue recently seen at test centers.


Unless a COVID-negative result was needed to cross the border, people were undergoing a COVID test for others. I didn’t want to infect my relatives and friends with the virus at Christmas.

The majority of the population is vaccinated. During this year’s long blockade, neighbors helped each other, children played in a local park, and families sought communion through Zoom’s terribly inadequate medium.

Zoom proves how much we all need each other. It’s scary to see ourselves while talking (the most unnatural thing), but we still do it.

It’s better than not meeting each other at all. I hope it will not be needed in 2022. And we all have the chance to make a leap in life with Renay Corren-esque enthusiasm.

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