These Are the Bedroom Decorating Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2022

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2021 is almost over. This means that a whole new interior design trend will soon be in full swing in our homes. Beautiful house Now that we’ve already seen what we can expect from kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms (and wallpapers), we’re looking at what’s trending in bedroom space in 2022. From dark and moody colors to upholstered headboards and everything in between. See the summary below. And I’m happy to decorate it!

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Upholstered headboard

Designer Ariel Orkin has always believed that upholstered headboards and grass wallpaper add warmth and texture to the bedroom, creating a wrap-around cocoon for receding at the end of the day. And we have never needed such a rest any more. Want to add more visual interest to your bedroom? Okin recommends adding “interesting artwork such as hand-painted plants and unique photographs”. This allows you to “add a personal element and draw your eyes upwards”.


Natural landscape

Looking for more sunlight in your bedroom? “Bring outside through a wraparound window that maximizes the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and neighborhood,” advises Assembly + design principal David Thompson. “The concept of a tree house is born when you can lie down on your bed, look out and feel surrounded by a green canopy, a roof and the sky.”


Lots of DIY features

Jessica Shaw, Interior Design Director at Turett Collaborative, believes that more DIY features will be introduced in the bedroom in 2022. “Stencils, temporary wallpapers and decals are all self-sustaining ways to decorate walls from your home.”


Mixing and matching

“By 2022, I think more unique and attractive bedroom decorations will be at the forefront of the trend,” says Emily Spanos of Emily June Design. “The best (and most fun) way to achieve this is to mix and match bedroom furniture, rather than using outdated matching furniture sets,” she advises. Spanos recommends choosing two different nightstands that complement each other while “harmonizing with the design around the room”.


Dark and moody colors

Dark and moody colored bedrooms will be in fashion in 2022, Far Studio’s Brittany Hakimfar predicts. “People are seizing more opportunities with colors, especially moody colors for bedrooms that really create interesting and cozy spaces and something really unique,” she adds.


Emphasizing architectural elements

Valeria Senkina, the founder of Dseesion, architect and designer, believes that bedroom architecture will be a key trend in 2022, especially when it comes to “using eco-friendly materials and refining lighting scenarios.”

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