These Korean-Inspired Macarons are Edible Art

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Macaroons in the Ooyoo Pan pop-ups of Nari Hodges and Aldo Cortes Animal Forest Character, hero Avatar: The Last Airbender And an anime-style cartoon bear.

“When we see our customers recognizing their favorite characters and seeing cute things in their display cases, and when they see their brightening, we continue,” he said between Texas and South Korea. Hodges, who spent his childhood on the move, says.

Hodges has returned to San Antonio as a young adult to earn a degree in 3D animation and game design from Inkerner Teward University. She has long wanted to open her own Korean cafe. After meeting Cortez, a student at Texas A & M University and a fellow home baker, her dream came true in 2019 at Ooyoo Pan.

“We tried to share with each other all the treats from childhood that brought us joy,” says Hodges. “We have integrated all the unique flavors and ideas into our business.”

The name Ooyoo Pan comes from the Korean word for milk and the Spanish word for bread. It is named after the Mexican tradition of Cortez. Their cookies include flavors from both cultures, such as red beans, black sesame, chocolate caliente, and matcha guava.

Korean-style macaroons are made through the same painstaking process that traditional macaroons require, with one major exception. It’s much thicker inside. Hodges says it shouldn’t be too sweet, although it may look intimidating when compared to ice cream that can be eaten chilled.

Before creating the macaroons, Hodges and Cortez sketch what they want the treat to look like. After the base macaroons are complete, they pipe the decorations, wait for each layer to dry, and then add the following details, such as the lips of the red bean fish macaroons and the whiskers of the matcha teddy bear. When complete, each macaroon is aged in the refrigerator for 24 hours. This says the duo enhances the flavor.

“We made about 2,000 macaroons, but it’s still the most difficult treat to make,” says Hodges. “The most important factor is good attitude. I’m not exaggerating when I say (Macaron) knows when you’re having a bad day.”

In the future, we would like to expand to stores that also sell coffee and fruit milk. For now, they’re focusing on pop-ups across San Antonio, from Hemisfair to St. Paul Square to the Mediterranean Grill in Tripoli.Follow us on Instagram @ ooyoopan for more information on this month’s location

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