These typography horoscopes are hilariously accurate

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Choosing the right font is not an easy task. You need to make sure that the typeface fits your project and is cohesive with other elements of your work. But you no longer have to worry about aesthetics when using fonts. Obviously, it can tell a lot about your personality as well.

Yeah, the fonts you choose to use in your work actually tell a lot about you and your way of thinking. As ItsNiceThat asks, are your lines themselves compatible with partners whose moon is in sans serif? Well, you can now know. Whether you use Times New Roman or Papyrus, you can see what the No. 1 typeface is saying about you. The font you choose also provides advice on how to live your life. Yes, it’s the zodiac of typography. If you’re not sure which font to use in your project, check out the best free fonts available.

We are here for these elaborate typography-centric graphics (Image credit: Ryan Haskins / ItsNiceThat)

Visit ItsNiceThat to learn the zodiac signs of typography. Here you can choose from Arial, Times New Roman, Druk, Calibri, Futura, Comic Sans, Ofform, Whyte / Whyte Inktrap, and Papyrus. Next, this site will also explain your aesthetics, personality, things to keep in mind in the coming months, and how to make a date romance. font.

The stunning flashy graphics for each font were designed by artist Ryan Haskins, and each horoscope was created by Rebecca Fulleylove. The design is full of color and personality, and perhaps a bit busy, but we like them all as well. To be honest, the whole page is a dream of a typography geek.

Comic Sans Typography Zodiac Graphic

Comic Sans gives us serious baby energy (Image credit: Ryan Haskins)

I’m a Futura user myself, but I’m a little surprised at how accurate my predictions are when talking about attention to detail and the “super-organizational nature” (I make a dull sound). This is not the first design-based personality test we have seen. In August, a retro-style color personality test took over TikTok, and Pantone released a birthday chart that reveals your Pantone shades.

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