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Home Wall Art Things To Check For Which Might Be Blocking Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

Things To Check For Which Might Be Blocking Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

Things To Check For Which Might Be Blocking Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

Here are some things that can affect or block your home Wi-Fi signal

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There are surprisingly many things in a house, such as the materials that make up the wall and the items that you use to decorate the wall, which can weaken your Wi-Fi connection. Decoration is one of the unexpected factors that can weaken your Wi-Fi connection. When we think of Wi-Fi issues, we often think of concrete walls and other substantive objects, but there are some interesting examples of decoration that affect traffic lights. For example, water is very effective at interfering with Wi-Fi signals. It’s like installing a damper and placing your Wi-Fi router right next to a large aquarium. The side of the tank where the router is located has a strong signal and the other side has a weak signal.

You can effectively create a large signal attenuator by stacking a sufficient number of books, such as lining the entire wall with a bookshelf. The books are quite dense. It’s even harder for Wi-Fi signals to travel the length of a tall bookshelf. In general, you should avoid placing routers or mesh nodes on your bookshelf, but this is especially important if you have a strong signal on the other side of a long row of shelves. Speaking of metal, metal furniture can interfere with Wi-Fi. Metal Wall Art can interfere with the signal, even if it’s on the wall opposite where you installed the router.

Not everyone has a large antique mirror in a house or a huge aquarium. However, if every home has appliances and blocks Wi-Fi signals, the appliances are basically lead aprons. Washers and dryers are also large metal machines in the washing area and are not Wi-Fi compliant. In addition, although these are not strictly considered “appliance”, furnaces and water heaters affect the quality of Wi-Fi signals.

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