Things to consider when using public restrooms

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I’m sure it’s an international issue, but we’ll discuss specifically about public washrooms around religious sacred places. Tahara (cleanliness) is half our faith. But my trip revealed that people didn’t understand how to behave within them, not to mention taking care of Tahara.

Yes, it’s a pretty terrible subject, but this dormant “phobia” you might have can be quickly defeated by pressing your panic button. You will start seeing black spots floating in the air, and one of them even tells you. Nature does not always wait for the best time to show up, so you may have to visit the nearest facility. Unfortunately, the nearest toilet is not always the most enjoyable. Also, if you can’t find it nearby, follow your senses. Your nose guides your way. There are places where it smells strange. But you never laugh!

Clean after yourself

Now this is easy. The bathroom should be clean. There should be no signs of feces (of you or others). But this is not always the case, so you enter the cubicle and quickly leave again in a mentally and emotionally injured state. To get a seat, you have to go through a mysterious liquid lake, which, according to Logistic’s Law of Probability, is very likely not water. And when you arrive, you may find that it’s in a given bowl that’s not rocket science, so the last person to use it couldn’t be determined. Feces should go into the water in the toilet and into the dark abyss. Right above the toilet paper, there is a button with the words “… wait …” wash “. Press it! Also, if water is not available, you will need to carry a water bottle with you. If it’s too late, cry the river. Rinse it off. You shouldn’t expect free toilet paper, tissue or soap either. So carry them with you in small quantities.

Don’t steal toiletries

If you see you smiling at you, there may be a reason behind it – no bathroom lock. I don’t know if one day I’ll build or open the toilet myself, take the screws and remove all the locks, or the method of continuous revenge, but it’s not. It’s free and you’re not the one to take home. Let’s make it the place to which it belongs. Or next time, one hand will cover the space from where the lock was kidnapped, the other hand will hold the door (while someone is trying to open the door) and you won’t be in that state. .. Smile this time. what goes around comes around. be careful! Do not steal locks, tissue paper, pipes, etc. You don’t want to rent so many people, toiletries on Judgment Day.

Don’t answer the call of nature in conversation

Well, this is a pretty interesting pet peve: talk. Opening a court in an area where people are relieving themselves is not good for fair judgment. They may not want to be in your audience and may not want to testify in your favor. And worse than observing the forum is getting someone to join the conversation. If you have any line, do not use the phone in the bathroom. This is purely a matter of courtesy. Focus on the task at hand. If it’s called a toilet, that doesn’t mean you’re resting there. No text or selfie is more urgent than others with a grape-sized bladder lined up. Every second, the difference between dignified relief and desperate sprints means heading into the dark corners of the door. The nearest hill / jungle where you shouldn’t be in a bad mood when you step on it.

Limit your creativity to your own wall

I’m all in favor of creativity and art, but limit your medium to something less attractive. No one wants to see your art anywhere on or around the toilet floor. I’m glad we don’t have a superpower where humans can climb walls, as you may have to deal with the art of walls as well, and I’m not talking about graffiti. But I’m coming to it Keep your graffiti trapped in your own wall. This is a public area. It’s not yours to claim or paint. Spray paint bathroom doors with anything that can force parents to blindfold their children when sending them to these toilets.

Extra hygiene means extra danger

To be super hygienic, do not wash your hands multiple times or relentlessly to overwhelm the entire area. Please use water moderately. Another extreme example is flushing the toilet with your feet instead of your hands. A person with a hand – please! If you stand on one foot and wash the toilet, the acrobatics required to wash with your feet increase the risk of slipping or falling and injuring yourself. Flamingoes can do it well, but they can’t. Touching the handle can be more confusing than you might think.

Patience is a virtue, lies are not

Where there are few or no toilets, there is usually a long line in front of the washroom. Normally, the cue literally hangs on the bathroom door (if a handle is available, otherwise it hangs in a hole). You may just want to stand side by side, as the person in front of you sees every move from you as a breakthrough threat and they are thinking of every clever way to stop you. .. Physical violence may also be included. What impatience do humans sometimes have! Calm is sometimes a word only in dreams. You go into Stampede, and the next thing you know, you’re in the bathroom. Do not claim ownership of the bathroom.

Your child is your responsibility

Help the little ones before you help yourself. Their level of control is zero compared to yours. But the first toilet bowl in the first line is always a bad choice. That’s because it’s where the least controlled splatter is. Of course, this makes sense-they couldn’t get it any further. So, walk a little (or run like the wind), keep the pharyngeal reflex in standby, and plunge all the stalls in anticipation of a postprandial exploration disaster. But there will be cleaner ones, I can guarantee (almost 90%). Don’t lose hope. Do not witness those who witnessed side by side. Baby wearing diapers – When changing baby diapers, put them in dumplings. The baby’s face is cute, but the dung is not. Don’t roll in the air to decide your destiny. When you clean yourself, do so for your baby. Male or Female – The person taking it for the team.

Don’t abuse toiletries

The flush may not work because the toilet paper is too clogged (or you have too much supper). You may see an empty trash can next to the pot! And do you wonder why people throw everything away when there is space for everything given? By the time you grow up, you need to know how to use a chair with holes. Those that have been taught to be used by them and have been used for about 15 years. No doubt we are sick! Do not bring overloaded handbags / bags into the bathroom. The hook may not be very strong. Sometimes there are no hooks at all. In any case, hanging it around your neck may be the last resort. Give it to someone near you outside the toilet. Don’t bring them in so they can take your bag and wait outside your stall. Unnecessarily crowded.

Stay conscious of God

Joke aside, this is serious. Because one of the serious punishments includes people who are not conscious of cleanliness. The hygiene problem in public toilets cannot be eradicated with one hand, but its strength can be diminished. We never fight. We continue, we will always work on this issue until it no longer needs to be addressed. This is a small step towards basic perception, but a small step is better than nothing and better than an intangible ideal.

Purify – Your Half Faith

Our religion is very beautiful and complete. It teaches us how to live our lives – from the details to the biggest problems. Very basic of life. Basically, the appropriate policy is:

Try to leave nearby as you want to find it. Treat it as if you were treating your own toilet at home, especially when guests come. It will be the best version of your own that has ever existed. Become a super you. That’s it because you got it somewhere. Be the change you want to see in the world. And if Muslims are trying to present themselves in this way, how are we going to preach? Action is more eloquent than words. Allah (SWT) is watching, even if no one is watching you. The angels are taking notes. You will be rewarded. In Shah Allah.

May Allah (SWT) lead us all to the best possible actions that do not hurt us or those around us.

(The author is a qualified engineer, Quran student and photographer)


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