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However, there were some problems with their dream apartment. One of them was storage. “We live in New York City, and it’s no wonder we have limited storage space, but when we moved in, we realized that we had only one closet, which is clearly not ideal.” Megan says. To solve this, they added a custom Rakks shelf to the dining area to store and view all dishes, books, photos, and design objects. “We like to rearrange this shelf with new objects and photos every few months,” says Megan. “It helps to refresh the space and give it personality.” The kitchen was also very compact with limited storage options, so by adding hooks, rods and magnets to hold pots, utensils and knives. , The pair used the space on the wall again.

The bedroom is the most neutral room in the apartment. The couple wanted this space to feel more subdued, so there are less accent colors here. However, I felt it was important to bring in plants and connect the spaces.

Melanie Landsman

The windows are so bright that they accommodate their cactus garden.

Melanie Landsman

The office has custom desks and chairs made by a couple inspired by a trip to Juddhouse. They also chose the Lux wall system again because they wanted to showcase their books, but this time they chose to take in more warmth by making the shelves wood instead of white. A print of Karl Martens hangs next to it.

Melanie Landsman

It was important for them to make sure that the space was comfortable, bright and playful. The apartments are small, so they needed to maximize every square inch of space. They achieved this by keeping the furniture neutral and clean, extending the storage solution to the walls, and continuing to focus on the space’s key accessories and artwork. “We are both so creative that we wanted to make sure that both personalities were infused into our home without taking ourselves so seriously,” Megan said. increase. Noah is an avid collector of books and records, and Megan loves design objects, art and furniture. Early on, they decided not to hide all the items, but to show them in order to respect their interests. “We feel it gives the apartment a lot of personality, and it’s a good reflection of who we are as designers and creatives,” they say.

The furniture is modest and neutral, but the Hudson Bay blanket in vintage wool and patterned pillows add a touch of exaggeration. This area is a comfortable area with a mix of neutral tones and natural textures.

Melanie Landsman


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