This Incredible Stretchable Paper Sculpture Will Blow Your Mind

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This Incredible Stretchable Paper Sculpture Will Blow Your Mind

The image was created by the famous artist Felix Semper

Art has the power to stimulate and inspire the human mind. Thanks to the internet, many beautiful artwork videos showcasing diverse talents go viral daily. One such video that has left social media users stunned is of a stretchable paper sculpture. Created by renowned artist Felix Semper, the video shows an extraordinary elastic paper sculpture. A Twitter video that goes by the handle Fascinating shared the video and wrote: “Stunning paper sculpture by Felix Semper.”

Watch the video here:

In the video, the artist holds the seemingly solid bust in his hands and pulls it to show its elasticity. Within seconds, the bust that appears to be carved from stone or wood becomes a fluidly moving object. The bust can be moved in any direction, and the artist showcases this by twisting, extending and maneuvering it into mind-bending positions and poses.

The video got a whopping 57 lakh views, over 10,770 retweets and 92,000 likes. Needless to say, the paper art stunned internet users who were left both mind blown and creeped out.

One user wrote: ”Visually captivating. These are the things that stimulate and challenge our minds, stimulate our senses! Artists like Feix take art forms to new levels. Thanks for showing it!” Another commented: ”I know it takes an incredible amount of skill and an incredibly impressive understanding of your medium, but it gives me the heebs so bad.”A third added, “Oh geez! It scared me, but well done!”

In particular, the artist makes his incredible sculptures from thousands of layers of glued paper. With sandpaper, he then carefully carves the paper block into the desired shape. The process finally ends with him painstakingly painting the paper sculpture, with incredible attention to detail.

In the past, several of his artworks have gone viral on social media. Mr Semper whose bio reads, ”Stretch your imagination” regularly shares videos of his artwork on Instagram where he boasts of 2,39,000 followers.

Here are some of the other artworks:

According to his website, his stretchy paper sculptures are inspired by everyday items and pop culture. ”They are made from glued layers of paper, cut wood, books, recycled materials, etc. This fluid movement gives the sculpture a playful mobility in contrast to the traditional aesthetic. He changed the media to stretch, twist, extend and retract. Felix invites viewers to experience sculpture in an insightful new way,” reads a description on the website.

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