This is not just a Monet—it’s an M&S Monet

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A picture of an unknown Monet emerged at Marks & Spencer (M & S), a British retail chain. It hasn’t been put up for sale and has just been rented out to the University of Leeds gallery, a place that may look like an amazing place.

Autumn of Jufos Not recorded in the comprehensive Wildenstein catalog raisonné of Monet’s work. This is almost certainly a major rediscovery, but there is always the risk that it will turn out to be non-genuine until properly certified.

So how did Monet get to M & S? It was purchased by Simon Marks, the son of Michael Marks, who founded the “Penny Bazaar” in Leeds in 1884. In 1894, Michael worked with Thomas Spencer to form a chain of clothing stores, which later expanded into food stores.

Simon Marks drew enormous wealth from M & S, and he and his wife Miriam developed a hobby of art in the 1920s. They started with Renoir, bought paintings and nine drawings, and soon got the works of Pissarro and Degas. But they didn’t stand out as collectors, so they never became famous in the art world.

In 1937, Simon Marks bought Monet Autumn of Jufos, Probably from the Paris-based Durand-Ruel Gallery. The landscape dates back to 1884, and by chance his father’s first penny bazaar was opened. It depicts the river Seine in Jeufosse, not far from Monet’s house in Giverny. That year, the artist finished a dozen or so viewings at Jufoss.

Simon and Miriam hung Autumn of Jufos At the entrance hall with the colonnades of their house in Grosvenor Square, London. They lent Monet only once and exhibited it at Tate for a month in 1963. Works from the collection of 20 friends in Tate Gallery.. There was only a conservative catalog list, but now it’s missing. Autumn of Jufos Monet’s experts don’t seem to be aware. This painting is not recorded in both the 1979 and 1996 editions of the Wildstein Catalog Raisonné.

Miriam died in 1971 after Simon and bequeathed Monet to an M & S company. It was then hung in the Director’s Suite at its headquarters on Baker Street, London. In 2017, Monet was considered too valuable to be stored in the office and was moved to a safe art storage facility.

M & S does not want to disclose the valuation, but a similar river landscape of Jufos sold for $ 3.5 million at Christie’s in New York in 2019.

You might have expected the national agency to be interested in renting the Monet landscape, but assuming it was in good condition, it was lent to the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at the University of Leeds. The M & S company archive is located on the university campus and explains the venue selection.

With Monet, M & S rented out four other photos. These include important turners that have never been exhibited before. Pantheon in the morning after the fire (1792). Purchased in 1938 for M & S to open a flagship store on the site of the Pantheon Opera House on Oxford Street.

Lawry’s Market stalls It was acquired in 1961 to commemorate the opening of a new M & S store in Manchester. The other two paintings currently rented to Leeds are by Maurice de Vraminck and Edward Ciago.

An M & S spokesman said there were “no plans” for the sale of Monet, and long-term loans will be available until 2030.

In January, Art newspaper, M & S and Leeds Gallery approached the New York-based Wildenstein Plattner Institute. This institute certifies Monet’s work. Autumn of Jufos.. The verdict is likely to be issued later this year.

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