‘This is unreal’: Chennai artist’s filter coffee painting blows away people’s mind

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When it comes to puzzles and optical illusions, netizens are instantly obsessed with trying to unravel the mystery. But it wasn’t the optical illusion that confused everything online these days, but the incredibly stunning paintings that weren’t photographs.

Chennai-based artist and photographer Varuna Shreethar has swept social media by sharing understated filter coffee paintings.The photo shows a piping hot coffee served in a small steel tumbler Dabara A saucer that can be cooled, and a special cooking utensil for serving drinks.

It all looked very real. It looked like a good camera shot until I zoomed in to see the newspaper near the coffee in detail. Even the coffee beans scattered on the wooden table resembled real coffee beans and didn’t look like they were painted.

Many people were distrustful and wondered why simple filter coffee photos were so popular, but young artists shared time-lapse videos and how amazing she was. I showed you what I drew.

21-year-old artist said indianexpress.com She has been painting since she was a child. “I started painting at the age of two and I think she hosted her first exhibition at the age of four,” said a self-taught artist.

She has held more than a dozen exhibitions, but going viral online seemed like a new experience. She said, “When I painted the filter coffee, I didn’t expect it to be viral.”

Regarding the intricate details that captivated the netizens, she explained, “I wanted to incorporate hyperrealism and Impressionism into the art, so I left the texture of the painting raw.”

Many people mistaken her painting for a photo at first glance, so Varna said that was exactly what she was aiming for. “You can see the first stroke, but at the same time it looks like a photo. It was intentional, but I wasn’t trying to fool people online,” she received. I mentioned and added some disliked comments.

“My intention is not to duplicate a photo. That’s the purpose of the camera. I wanted to make a picture that resembles what you like very much,” she added.

With thousands of likes and thousands of comments over 48K on Twitter, tweets showing digital paintings have become a hot topic online. Many praised the artist for her endless talents and skills.

“If you look long enough, you’ll see the bubbles pop, which is amazing and looks like the real thing,” commented one user. “Great !! I almost ended up asking you: which camera and which filter?” I wrote another.


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