This micro hotel structured from repurposed sea freight containers is energy-efficient and modular for the modern traveler!

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MyHome, a German architectural firm, Containerwerk, is a temporary hotel built from recycled marine freight containers to enable modern travelers to achieve a micro-sized escape at an energy-efficient, affordable price. It is a residential area.

The modern design has many faces. From smart microtechnology to DIY minimalist architecture, tomorrow’s design is changing. It seems that shipping containers are also nodding for the future. Advocating for the new responsibility of modern hotel concepts and travel solutions, recycled shipping containers have become the shell of travelers around the world.

MyHome, a solution-based hotel solution, was designed by Germany-based construction company Containerwerk to provide a temporary settlement for modern travelers. Consisting of a line of 21 hotel modules disguised as recycled marine cargo containers, MyHome aims to provide company employees with high design elements and hotel accommodation that does not compromise maximum comfort. Specially conceptualized in.

Affordable and high-end design elements are one of today’s most important hotel standards. In addition, Containerwerk architects say, “At the same time as guest expectations for design and comfort are rising, there is a need for a sustainable hotel concept.”

Enter My Home – Completed in February 2020, the energy-efficient modules that make up the line of recycled shipping containers are 26 square meters in size and have patented high-performance insulation methods in cold weather. It keeps you warm. Built for comfort for four people, each module has a fully equipped kitchenette, a private terrace, a separate entrance, a lighted dining room, and ample space for a work area.

Each module that makes up your home, lined with solar panels and reinforced with locally sourced wooden building materials, is built on a commitment to sustainability and practicality.

The extra luxury that most hotels have, such as daily room cleaning and bed linen refreshment, is also unforgettable in your home. The Containerwerk developers suggest: The apartment offers comfort elements, privacy, and maximum flexibility. “

Designer: Containerwerk

To start and end your home project from a sustainable perspective, shipping containers require little or no excavation during the construction process.

Due to its versatile geometry, each recycled shipping container becomes a stackable module, doubling the internal living space when assembled.

An alternative fixing process with welding allows each module to be fixed to the floor with little change in the original state of the terrain.

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