This photographer brings Aroostook County life to an audience around the world


Presque Isle, Maine-a bear roaming the wilderness of Aroostook, a pair of moose fighting for control, an eagle soaring in the air, and an aurora dancing in the night sky-Paulsia of Presque Isle captured all of this through photographs. It is open to the public all over the world.

Cyr is not a full-time photographer, but he has accumulated tens of thousands of photos and sold them to 30-40 vendors. Cyr’s photographs were featured in two books in Down East Books.(2016) And “Use of Moose” (2018).. His work has been used by many news organizations around the world, including Barcraft Media and Bangor Daily News in London. Cyr also published two photos in 2018 and 2021 entitled “Northern Maine with Paul Cyr”.

Born in 1952, Cyr grew up on a potato farm in Hamlin as the oldest of six siblings. He started taking pictures with a Kodak Instamatic camera in the 1960s when he was 10 years old. He sold them from Fort Fairfield to Fort Kent and flew over the farm during high school, especially in August when the oats were yellow and the surrounding grass was green.

During an outdoor photo tour in Paul Shea, Aroostook County. credit: Courtesy of Paul Shea

“I always enjoyed farming,” Cyr said. “When I take pictures, especially when I take aerial pictures, I take a lot of pictures of the farm. I grew up with it, I understand most of it, and I know how the technology is I am in awe of how much I have made progress. “

Cyr moved to Presque Isle in 1976 after his father bought a Presque Isle rehab and nursing home. As the oldest child, Cyr worked very closely with his father to write a book on nursing homes and even obtained a management license.

After that, Cyr helped run the nursing home for 15 years before starting the development of the rental property. Cyr’s sister took over her position in a nursing home so he could spend more time on his new venture.

During his days as a property manager, Cyr was also interested in tinkering with snowmobiles, eventually finding the patented Hiperfax and improving the performance of his machine. Hiperfax incorporates Teflon into the snowmobile slider to reduce friction and speed up the vehicle in difficult situations.

Clockwise from left: Mother Moose begins cleaning the newborn calf. A sled dog taking off in a sprint. And two eagles on the same branch resting under the supermoon.Credit: Provided by Paul Cyr

It was only 15 years ago that Cyr was able to rekindle his photography hobby and devote more time to it. Using income from his previous business, Cyr built an improvement in his fortune to meet his skills.

He has a bear blind, where he constantly feeds animals to take pictures. There is also a makeshift runway for launching power parachutes. He also has a 100-foot hill (Cyr Mountain, as he calls it) on the site he uses for photography.

Sill said he was inspired by the work ethic and business sense of his father, who was planted in him as a child. Cyr described his father as a proponent and very business-oriented. Sill worked on a family-owned farm while his father started a nursing home business in Caribou.

The bear cub investigates some camera equipment.Credit: Provided by Paul Cyr

Cyr’s father was always working, and according to Cyr, his father wouldn’t have had time to do what his son was doing now. Because there was always work to do.

“He was almost 91 years old [when he died] I had a long and fulfilling life, “Cyr said. “There is no doubt that he was the person we all respected.”

Today, almost 70 years old, Cyr goes out several times a week with a fully digital Nikon camera to take still pictures of Aroostook County through photography.


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