Three things with Claire G Coleman: ‘If it was lost in a fire it would be a terrible loss to art’ | Australian lifestyle

Three things with Claire G Coleman: ‘If it was lost in a fire it would be a terrible loss to art’ | Australian lifestyle

CTerra Nullius, laire G Coleman’s first novel, used speculative fiction to confront the fear of colonization and confiscation. Perhaps the biggest influence on her debut was the HG Wells science fiction classic, The War of the Worlds. In itself, it was inspired by the treatment of Tasmanian indigenous peoples during the British colonial era. Coleman felt that Wells’s book and her book were “approaching the same question from the other side,” she told Guardian Australia at the time.

It was a hit. Among other long lists of praise, Terra Nullius saw Coleman win the Norma Kathleen Hemming Award to celebrate Australia’s best science fiction. Last week, the author of Noonger returned with her third novel, Enclave. Enclave reweaves the ugly reality of racism with the dystopian parables about homosexual disgust, surveillance, greed, and the dangers of privilege. Terra Nullius was written while traveling Australia in a caravan, but Enclave was penned at her home in an ergonomic setting.

Born in Perth, a Melbourne-based writer considers the work of art she decorates at home to be one of her most valuable possessions. Here, Coleman tells the story of why she values ​​Alone Meeks lithographs and two other important personal belongings.

What to save from home in a fire

At the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair a few years ago, I had a long talk with the legendary artist Arone Meeks. His artistic language is modernist and unique. I bought from an artist a lithograph called Star Koiki, a homage to the land rights hero Koiki Mabo, who filed a proceeding over Terra nullius.

It’s beautiful, powerful, pictorial and passionate – on the surface, it’s one of the artist’s simplest works, but its power floats beneath the surface. The connection to the story of land rights adds to its power.

When I heard the artist’s death, I was overwhelmed. When I see the work, his death strikes me and morbidly adds how special the work is. This was my last chance to hang the artist’s work on the wall, and I didn’t know. If it is lost in a fire, it will be a terrible loss to art.

My most useful object

I didn’t want to own an air fryer. They are advertised as “low fat” recipes and I’m not afraid of fat. In fact, fat is an important part of my diet, as I mainly eat low carbs.

“What I haven’t tried before cooks better roast chicken”: Claire G Coleman’s Air “Fryer”. Photo: Claire G. Coleman

But it’s not really an air “flyer”. Never fry food. In essence, the plastic thing that’s always on my kitchen bench is a powerful fan-forced oven that blows food away with hot air. It’s easy. Still, what I haven’t tried cooks a better roast chicken or pork crackle half, as well as a tool with my wrong name.

You can make whole roast chicken in 20 minutes, and the skin will be crispy without additives. Even if I use as much power as my rental electric oven in an hour (it doesn’t), it cooks faster, so I can save power and eat faster. I don’t have any french fries, but I love them.

The item that I most regret having lost

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine is a relatively vague punk pop band from the UK that was primarily active in the early 90’s. Most people in Australia haven’t heard of it, but their songs are part of my favorite. When I was working in IT, studying computer science, developing and coding websites at a design company, I put the best CDs in my drive and constantly blew music into my headphones for weeks. ..

At that time, I was working too much time. It was casual, but I had too much work to do, and I was there for 40 hours a week, studying and teaching at college. Burnout was inevitable, but Carter USM has long kept it away. When I heard those songs, I was able to continue.

Losing the CD was one of the stupidest mistakes I’ve ever remembered. I received a call from my manager saying that I am upgrading my office computer. Perhaps because I was tired, it didn’t happen to me to ask someone to pull my favorite album of the time out of the machine.


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