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Tiffany plays the ball

Tiffany enters the NBA All-Star weekend with the release of a second collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham.

Jeweler and Arsham collaborated on Tiffany Blue Wilson Basketball, specially textured with the artist’s signature crystal diamond pattern. Originally from Cleveland, Arsham also designed a hands-on retail concept that will open in Cleveland on Friday. It features a half-court for play expressed in his distinctive aesthetics.

“Tiffany has been creating the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy for decades. The relationship between basketball and Tiffany is clear and well-established. As the creative director of my home team as Cleveland, Cavs. Working with the team and Tiffany & Co. to host an all-star game in Cleveland this year is special, “Arsham said.

Tiffany & Co. The xArsham Studio Half Court experience will sell a limited edition basketball design for $ 575. It will also be available at the Woodmere store in Tiffany, Ohio. Basketball fans can head to the pop-up experience in the multipurpose building in May to see the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy built by the Tiffany Hollow Products Workshop on Road Island, which was won by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. ..

“The visual elements of erosion and crystallization combined with the signature of Tiffany’s House really mean the fusion of my aesthetics to this collaboration. This is a new addition to my studio logo, a personalized declaration. And style, evolving with a clearer combination of all three collaborators, “Arsham said of Tiffany’s ball design. — MISTY WHITE SIDELL

The old one is new

There seems to be no brand that can withstand the NFT epidemic. Neil Barrett has partnered with the Digital Art Museum known as Moda to launch the NFT collection.

Called “Ancient Sculpture Hybrids,” the collection consists of three NFT designs, each with a limited production of 10 pieces, visually pleasing drawn from Barrett’s personal artwork archives created over the last 20 years. Based on animation.

The digital artwork will be created in Moda from February 19th and will come with a replica of the physical frame of the same design. Moda is a carefully selected platform for selling NFTs in the fields of fashion, design, art, music and culture.

“NFTs and blockchain technology are so advanced that art can be brought to life and cast forever in the Metaverse. The creative mind of the Metaverse is like creating whatever we want. It gives range. What wasn’t possible before is now possible, “says Barrett.

“Of course, as a fashion designer and creative, I’m well aware that digital fashion is becoming more and more important seasonally within the fashion industry. This is my first NFT launch and just the beginning. I’m proud to be able to showcase the works I’ve been working on for the past 20 years, always keeping them private and never showing them to anyone. “

Neil Barrett’s NFT artwork.
Courtesy of Neil Barrett

The artwork combines elements of Roman and Greek art, as the sculpture’s head is given a fresh, contemporary spin. For example, two of the three artworks combine the ancient heads of Augustus and Caesar with the “Star Wars” character, part of Darth Vader’s shiny black mask.

The latter concept is also in favor of Barrett’s archive fashion. In 2014, Milan-based designers paraded on the runway with engraved sweatshirts, shirts and tops for the Spring 2015 men’s collection. — Martino Carrera

Book club

Nathalie Rykiel hosts a charity event at the flagship store of the former Sonia Rykiel in Paris, distributing some of the 40,000 books that were part of the boutique decoration that closed two years ago.

The Boulevard Saint-Germain store was liquidated in 2019 because the brand founded by his mother’s late Sonia Rykiel couldn’t find a buyer for the label that the then-owner First Heritage Brand was struggling with. It was closed. The brand was subsequently redesigned by entrepreneurs Eric and Michael Dayan.

The Rikiel family still owns the building where the company was once headquartered and rentals to stores in prime locations of real estate near brands such as Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. “It’s the most beautiful place on the left bank,” Nathalie Rykiel told WWD.

Sonia Rykiel store in Paris

Sonia Rykiel store in Paris.

She invites her friends to the boutique on Tuesday night to bring home books in exchange for donations to the Borderless Library. This nonprofit provides access and resources to connect people to books and digital resources, expands the scope of the library, and trains facilitators in the post. Responding to emergencies and the needs of resource-starved communities.

“Their work is extraordinary,” Rikiel said. Former president and artistic director, she’s been in the company’s daily routine after the founder sold 80% of her stake to Hong Kong billionaire Billionaire and William Fong-backed investment company Fung Brands in 2012. I gradually moved away from work. ..

Rikiel is now a full-time author and has six books, including “Talisman à l’usage des mère set desfilles” (“Talisman for Mother and Daughter Use”) published last year. She said her mother, who enjoyed intimate friendships with writers such as Regine Deforges, was also a published writer and she always had books in stores in Paris.

Its final iteration was announced in 2015 as part of a cafe and library pop-up concept designed by Andre Saliva and art director Thomas Renthal.

“This store is a real icon and an emblem. It was important for me to get things done with very powerful symbolic gestures,” Rikiel said. Cleaning up the contents will open the way for new occupants, but declined to comment on future plans. “At each time,” she said. — JOELLE DIDERICH


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