Tiny portable potter’s wheel lets you throw down your clay and make miniature artpieces anywhere

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Designed to make the potter’s wheel what the ukulele is for the guitar, Uniek is a lovely little portable potter’s wheel and pottery set that allows you to explore the art of pottery wherever you are. With its small format, battery-powered design, and built-in clay toolkit, Uniek is probably the first and only “portable pottery practice product.”

Designer: Matthew Wong

Click here to buy now: $ 69 $ 139 (51% off). Hurry up, for a limited time! Raised over $ 140,000.

Styled with colorful designs that instantly inspire your fantasies, Uniek is a perfect and fun product. It takes one of the oldest forms of art and turns it into something that everyone can enjoy, even children. This small device has a footprint of 5.1 inches x 3.5 inches and is 4.3 inches high, or about the same size as a medium-sized Bluetooth speaker. It features a bright and colorful body, has a retro-style flip switch on the side, and powers the potter’s wheel at the top right next to the puddle. You can use the knobs to control the speed of the wheel. The lower half of Uniek contains the entire toolkit for manipulating clay.

Uniek comes with two alternating wheel sizes that work with all types of clay, but manufacturers recommend air-dried clay and terracotta clay for best results. Using a small potter’s wheel is exactly the same as using a regular potter’s wheel. Start by “throwing” the clay. This is an important step to start the pottery process. Once the clay is thrown, shape it by hand and start shaping. Occasionally soak in a puddle to keep the clay moist and supple. You can use the knobs on the side to achieve speeds of up to 3000 RPM. When you’re done with your hands, you can use the 15-piece clay toolkit and sponge to nail the final details.

The entire device comes with an ABS body and the wheels are machined from aluminum. Uniek’s built-in battery runs for 4-6 hours on a full charge (depending on speed), can be charged via Gizmo’s USB-A port, and has a battery indicator bar just above the power supply. You can use the switch to find out how much juice is still left in Uniek. The entire device (including the toolkit) weighs 823 grams or 1.8 pounds and can be cleaned / maintained by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. The toolkit, on the other hand, can be rinsed with running water.

Uniek’s two wheel sizes are 45mm and 65mm, respectively. It’s certainly not big enough to make yourself a functional vase, dish, or mug, but Uniek isn’t really a “professional” pottery kit. This is a nifty little practice set, like the Easy-Bake Oven equivalent to all age groups.

However, you can model miniature pieces and get a good idea of ​​how to actually manipulate terracotta and clay. Skills acquired at Uniek can be easily handed over to a larger potter’s wheel. It also provides an ideal sandbox or test site for new ideas. Uniek is available in three bright colors and will begin shipping in July, costing $ 69 for ultra-early backers.

Click here to buy now: $ 69 $ 139 (51% off). Hurry up, for a limited time! Raised over $ 140,000.

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