Tiny Swift Mobile Home Dominates Year-Round Tiny Living With Capable Design


What you have before is known as Tiny Swift, a small house in the Eco Tiny House (ETH), a maker deep in the Romanian mountains. If you don’t know anything about this maker or country, this article should help this crew understand what the small house movement offers.

ETH is a crew founded in 2017 in collaboration with Szakács Botond and Antoine Dussenne. Two members split in 2019, and today each is building a small house from Romania. So while they look like a relatively new team in the field, the small house movement itself is still pretty fresh.

Now, for those unfamiliar with Romania, Romania is quite mountainous, with temperatures above -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas. Not surprisingly, mobile homes coming out of this area should be able to withstand such temperatures. Depending on what things look like, that might just be the case.

Tiny Swift accomplishes this by equipping it with several materials designed to trap heat and block moisture inside. Everything is installed in a lamella beam made of sprue spine. The roof and walls are fitted with 10 centimeters (3.93 inches) of insulation.

At the same time, the floor is equipped with polystyrene insulation, plywood sheets, internally directed heat-reflecting foil, and finally carbon underfloor heating film. Cladding and Weinskott use plywood. The exterior is covered with a galvanized roof and heat-treated pine.

Currently, Swift is 6.3 m (20.7 ft) long, 2.52 m (8.3 ft) wide, and 3.4 m (11.2 ft) high. This results in a floor area of ​​19 square meters (204.5 square feet), not including the loft. Overall, the structure is mounted on a 6 m (19.6 ft) galvanized steel trailer with two axles. There is no mention of how heavy this house is.

From here, the base is set and includes PVC doors and windows, as well as sliding interior doors. Later, ETH was introduced, adding features such as hot and cold copper pipes, IKEA faucets and sinks, and also IKEA bathroom kits.

By the way, most of the interior furniture and appliances seem to be from IKEA. Kitchen furniture, storage units throughout the house, and whatever this crew can do.

ETH provides electric stoves, switches and connectors, electrical panels, ventilation systems, electric water heaters and more. The manufacturer’s website doesn’t show anything about the electrical system behind all these features, but it should be sufficient. You can easily add solar power and remove that worry from your photos if you don’t.

Even better, let ETH know what you want your home to equip, and they may add such features for you. Don’t forget to bring extra money.

Suppose you go ahead and choose to buy this house. Expect to pay € 34,680 (US $ 39,352 at current exchange rates) for shipping included in that price anywhere in Europe. But you only get the house you see in the picture, everything else like sofas and bedding will have to be covered on your own. When you’re done, this house should be able to put four guests to sleep without any problems.

Nevertheless, by the time you finish turning this house into one of your dreams, you should still be well below $ 50,000. I don’t know you, but there seem to be some gems hidden in most forgotten places in the industry.



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