Top 10 Cabins of 2021!

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Cabins have been a typical vacation option for everyone for years to relax. If you want to relax away from the busy city life, it’s the ultimate safe haven in nature. If you need a simple and minimal vacation that can truly connect with nature, without the material luxury most of us are accustomed to, Cabin Retreat is your answer! And we have carefully selected some beautiful and very comfortable cabins that will be your perfect travel destination. From prefabricated cabins with a balance of rustic personality and modern details to small cabins with asymmetric roofs, these captivating and surrealistic cabins are the ultimate hideaway you’ve been looking for!

1. Inio

Iniö is a Pluspuu prefabricated blog house designed for Swiss-based Finnish couples to spend their vacation in their hometown of Heinola. Pluspuu currently holds a catalog of 12 prefabricated blog houses. Of the twelve, the couple settled in Inio with a rustic personality interwoven with a distinctive modern touch, such as large floor-to-ceiling windows and a bright, clean wooden interior. Iniö is offered as a double-decker, three-bedroom log house located behind a tall eave, creating ample overhang on the wraparound patio of the house.

2. Huga

Developed from the Danish Hyggee, Hüga has been conceptualized, designed and built for 24 months. Meanwhile, Grandio’s team of designers has bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas. The end result is these huga units built from reinforced concrete and designed for minimal maintenance and reduced energy costs. These compact homes can withstand all climates and adverse conditions, including earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes. Hüga’s homes are mobile and modular, so you can expand your home as planned in a day. The Huga, which weighs about 55 tonnes, requires teams and machinery for transportation, but can be placed according to the preferences of future residents.

3. System 00

Backcountry Hut Company has released a collection of DIY A-frame cabin kits. This allows buyers to build their own cabins with little or no heavy equipment without a construction permit. The “system” of each cabin is prefabricated with a flat pack layout that can be assembled by amateur or professional builders depending on the model. System 00 is called the Backcountry “Essential A-frame Shelter”. With just the essentials, System 00 is 10’x10’sized and designed to welcome living spaces such as a single bedroom with one bedroom, a yoga meditation studio, and an open space for working on art. It has been.

4. Russell and Leah’s little house

In New Zealand, there are many landscapes. No matter where you look, you’ll find a sloping grassy hillside, a golden hour sunset, and a variety of towering trees. For Russell and Leah, their little homes were specifically designed to bring the outdoors and all their wonders indoors. “Almost every wall has windows and doors that make the house feel bigger and cooler outside during the summer,” explains Leah. While many small homebuilders have expanded their living space by coating the interior walls of their homes with white paint, windows that pierce almost every wall in Russell and Leah’s homes provide an outdoor atmosphere. Provides space for more moody interior design elements.

5. Luna

Defined by an asymmetric roofline, Luna adopts a geometric and angled profile to complement the natural unevenness of snow-covered land. Combining rustic energy with a modern design, The Luna is covered in matt black 100-year-old corrugated steel for a familiar, contemporary look. New Frontier opposed filling Luna’s long façade with windows, and instead chose to clean the floor-to-ceiling window walls at one end.

6. Roadhouse

Road-Haus is a small 250-square-foot cabin designed by Wheelhaus, a small housing company working on modular and eco-friendly design techniques, downsized from a larger model. Taking full advantage of the more spacious wedge model, the Roadhouse blends elegant design elements with small necessities. Considered by a small housing company as a crowd favorite, Wheelhaus adorned the roadhouse with a roofline of the same pitch as the wedge model and high windows around it. From bottom to top, the inhabitants of the roadhouse immerse themselves in the glory of the forest, with wooden floors reflected on the ceilings of small houses.

7. Maine cabin

Located in the woods of Maine, this small cabin is quiet, private and quiet. The pond is so remote that there are no noisy motorboats or annoying tourists. The height of the floating house provides an unparalleled view of the pond and forest and also helps to catch the breeze. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors decorate the entire house, creating a beautiful and open space that perfectly captures the morning and evening sunshine! Peck wanted to “maintain the experience in space, the connection between nature and the feelings of this site.”

8. Grand Pick-Charley

The 1464-square-foot Grand Pick Chalet is certainly magnificent, but it’s an unpretentious atmosphere surrounded by surrounding birch trees. The architects of Apareil focused on the flora and saplings of the woodlands and let the trees and forests guide the design process. Inspired by the birch trees around the Grand Pick Chalet, the Apareil architects covered the cottages with corrugated steel to complement the organic vertical lines found throughout the forest. Covered by a lush black façade, the Grand Pick Chalet at dusk disappears into the darkness like a rider at night.

9. Minimum value

The Minima is a 215 sq ft (20 sqm) prefabricated module designed to be a flexible structure that acts as a separate small home or as an additional unit in the backyard that can be used as a home office or a spacious guesthouse. It is a sustainable material and is built with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), which reduces the carbon emissions produced by concrete. The modern microhome gives me a major Japandi atmosphere! The box-shaped exterior is covered with cypress batten skin and a steel roof that maintains a minimal appearance. The unit has a streamlined modern profile and still feels warm and human-centered. The façade opens with a glass door fringed with hardwood and slides to show Scandinavian and Japandi-inspired interiors.

10. Ella

Ella, a small house that can now be booked on Airbnb, is one of the two shipping containers designed by Bethany Harshberger in the woodlands of Walnut Creek, Ohio, turned into a cabin. Upon arriving at the small house, guests descend the long wooden stairs that take them to the floor where Ella is located. Located on a slight slope, Ella emerges from a tree on a bare wooden base that carries shipping containers and outdoor leisure areas. The outdoor living area, accessible from the foldable loft step ladder, features a lounge area with plenty of chairs, a natural gas fire pit, an outdoor shower and a bathtub. From showers to deckchairs, Ella finds warmth in natural wood accents and textured glass elements, creating a private yet intimate leisure area.

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