Top 10 pet-friendly product trends of 2022


We are confident that our pets enjoy this pandemic method more than we do. So, in most cases, they can own all their humans! And as much as I love spending time with my cat, I honestly keep entertaining cats and run out of ways to prevent one or two cats from getting bored in the house. increase. If you are in almost the same volatile situation as me, this collection of pet products promises to come to your rescue! From three-tiered cat towers to dog chains with smart tag designs that track your pet’s emotions, these product designs take care of your pet and keep it active and satisfying. You can take a break while they are wrestling with these newly discovered fun products!


What can you do to make your bedroom your favorite place for cats? The Gatrimonial bed frame made by a company called CatLife has made this dream come true. They make furniture that doubles as an adventurous cat’s dream. At first glance, the bed frame looks like a hollow base with a circular entrance at each corner. It has enough space for your cat to stretch its limbs under your bed. Lifting the mattress reveals an elaborate maze to keep the cat entertained. The frame has two sections, scattered with small foot-sized holes. This is either a peephole or a small trap for unsuspecting foot swipes. Your ankles don’t admit it, but your cat should love hunting.

2. Ping pong

It consists of a dog collar smart tracker, a leash, a charger and a hub. PingPong can pick up the emotions of five different dogs and represent the same with many color notifications. These emotions include comfort, joy, stress, loneliness, and fear. The color display is displayed on the smart tip and leash handle. High and fast bouncing yellow balls show joy, rhythmically bouncing blue balls show comfort, slow bouncing gray balls are an indicator of dog loneliness, stress is shown by fast bouncing red balls and enthusiastically The bouncing purple ball is an indicator of fear!

3. Renault pet communication device

It is envisioned as an electric vehicle that allows pets and their owners to share space beyond the boundaries of the home. Designers believe that Gen-Z’s competition for individualism and its high reliance on smart devices will probably keep them even further away in the future when their pets are the only companion. In that scenario, leisure with cats and dogs will be a relief experience. Therefore, this EV design is designed to allow owners and pets to easily enter and exit the vehicle. There is a large WZ-GO style door at the rear that gives pets access to their space behind the vehicle.

4. Invoxia

Introduced at CES 2022, the Invoxia Smart Dog Color also acts as a GPS and activity tracker on the pouch, in addition to monitoring important statistics, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE-M to connect. .. You can also keep track of your dog’s activity level, such as walking, running, resting, scratching, and barking, and provide data about your dog’s daily life with the app that comes with your pet’s parents. To constantly measure your heart and respiratory health, this smart dog collar is equipped with a radar sensor. According to Invoxia, radar sends radio signals. This signal is reflected on the first layer of skin on the dog’s neck.

5. Ara

Ara is defined by two sets of wraparound banisters that support three levels of cushioned rest areas. As you walk down the central corridor, the cat finds the first break level to get the most out of the area. Next, the cat, accessible from the central cavity, can climb up to the second tier, stay high above the ground, and overlook the space of the house. On the second floor of the station, cats cover the four corners with roofs, floors and walls for a sense of privacy. Finally, the cat can pass through another central cavity to reach the top outdoor level of Ara. There, cat owners can keep pets and show love to them while they sleep.

6.3 pole cat tower

Originally developed to help cats and humans live in the same living space without compromising interior design, the Three Pauls Cat Tower maintains the same mid-century sense that defined its predecessor and fears cats to tip over. Enhanced the overall construction of the tower to play without. Regarding the redesign of the previous model of the Three Pauls Cat Tower, Kim said: use. “



TOMO is a beautifully designed design backed by minimalist aesthetics and high quality materials, providing the constant upgrades you need for your pet’s gear. Putting the basic plaid collar and harness in the rearview mirror along with those nasty carabina clips, TOMO’s pet gear is offered in beautiful matte black, from strings to collars to harnesses, with minimal durability. It has a simple, unique and sturdy metal clasp that secures in just a few seconds. All products appear to be part of a great ecosystem (unlike current pet gear, which looks different because the leashes, colors and dog tags were all purchased separately. The entire ecosystem of products is functional. It gives a modern upgrade to sex, comfort, aesthetics and pet gear and complements each other when worn together, like a well-designed suit.

8. Solar

Shaped like the sun, Solar is a small but sturdy floating cat bed made of pine wood. Like any cat furniture, MyZoo has a solar lined up resting platform with slots for safe jumping. Ideal for small spaces, Solar provides cats with a resting place and jumping platform, saving space in the meantime. Unlike bulky cat towers and string-shaped scratch pads, solar does not occupy space on the ground and can be easily mounted on a wall with a room. Cats love height, so MyZoo thought solar was the best in both worlds. It saves space for cat owners and is an ideal resting place for cats.

9.2 Circle Cat Scratcher

Designed by Jiyoun Kim Studio for Korean pet product brand Milliong, Two Circles Cat Scratcher is part of Milliong’s cat furniture project. The product consists of two circular scratchers made from fabric and birch wood. When viewed from the front, the scratchers appear to be skillfully overlapped. The base platform and the shelves above it hold both scratchers together while creating a snug hollow space that is an ideal seating spot for pets. Both the platform and the shelves are covered with faux fur, so it’s a really comfortable corner to spend a relaxing time.

10. Float

Float is a flat pack cat tower with a built-in scratch pad that can be assembled in just a few steps. Float, which spans four levels, is a flat pack cat tower with integrated features such as scratch posts and movable seat rests. According to client specifications and standards, Teixeira designed Float to blend into a modern home. Incorporating a Scandinavian-inspired overall look, Float achieves a minimalist profile with natural undyed wooden rods and cool gray felt cushions.


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