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Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine War, many celebrities, social activities, and visual artists have joined the league to support Ukraine with cryptocurrencies and NFT artwork. And the trend doesn’t stop. Today, a group of leading artists brings support and dedication to a whole new level of lasting impact – the Avatar NFT series. Absolutely stunning visuals, breathtaking images, breathtaking similarities of ongoing cruelty, and the timeless power of elasticity really make these artworks stand out and of modern NFT art. We have established a solid position in the world.

Ukrainian Avatar + Meta History

A group of top video game industry experts credited for game hits Rainbow Six, Warframe, StalkerAnd 1 billion downloads asphalt The franchise has created a charity NFT collection to support Ukraine with the most talented Ukrainian digital artists.The collection will be released on May 19, 2022 MetaHistory, Ukraine’s official charity NFT platform has already raised 260 ETH / $ 722k to Ukraine. Their initiative is Ukrainian Ministry of Digital TransformationA Ukrainian government agency known for its Procrypt position, has already raised more than 60 million for Ukraine with crypto donations.

The name of the charity NFT collection is Ukrainian avatar.. The title expresses the original meaning of the word “avatar,” translated from Sanskrit as “incarnation.” Stunning artwork captures the incarnation of everything that free Ukraine represents: its soul, spirit, wisdom and love. The collection is uniquely different from other avatars, not just their names. The artwork emerged during the two months of the war and was created by the 50 most talented and acclaimed Ukrainian digital artists in both the gaming and film industries. Europe’s premier science fiction illustrator Volodymyr Bondar, who won the prestigious EuroCon award, donated exclusive artwork. Volodymyr can be regarded as an incarnation of the spirit himself. He died at the risk of evacuating dozens of people from the heavily bombarded Kharkov.Collection curator, lead artist, art director, 1 billion downloads asphalt The game franchise, both have the same name, Kateryna. One Katerina spent days hiding from airstrikes on the subway with her cat, and the other found a shelter in Romania.

Many NFT collections are only interested in the money side, and the speculative thinking of both buyers and sellers fuels market controversy. The purpose is noble to the ideologist behind the Avatars collection. Alexey Savchenko (UK), Former Business Development Manager at Epic, Former PR Manager at GSC “I thought that if we were to do NFTs to support Ukraine, we would have to do it the same way we built a game universe, with high production value and the highest talent.” The real Metaverse. ” Epic Games, which is most likely the first company to build, has raised $ 150 million for Ukraine.Dmitry Tarabanov (Canada), Game Designer Credited for Game Hits Rainbow Six When Warframe“:” Both the gaming and film industries can experience millions of production-worthy universes for a few dollars, a bit opposite to NFT culture. Created by these artists. Stunning art is freely experienced by all humankind, but if there is historic artwork such as the first AT-AT Walker sketch. Star Wars, The original is valuable. The artwork in this collection is historic. All money goes to Ukraine, regardless of price. “

The MetaHistory NFT platform helped the team by shaping NFT technology to a high standard. MetaHistory has a successful record as a charity NFT platform officially approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Conversion. It is a professional crypto government agency that has already procured millions of cryptos for Ukraine and previously worked with Elon Musk to deliver Starlink to Ukraine. The level of cooperation between the crypto industry, electronic entertainment and public institutions has made this NFT collection unprecedented and brought the situation behind it. “I hope there is no more artwork created in the greatest war since World War II. I hope the legendary artists aren’t painting while their city is being shot. Hopefully, this war adds another artwork every day, so I hope this collection contains less than 70 items. Still, these NFTs are here now and this technology It exists to achieve its most noble purpose, fate, that is, to support good dissemination, invest in the future we believe in, and adopt the right historical direction, says the Joint Statement.


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